a programming mentor

Share your experience with other developers, multiply your own knowldge and have some additional income!

Being an mkdev mentor is easy and profitable

We've created an environment where mentorship is your only concern. Everything else is on us.

You'll have a free schedule

You can combine mentorship with your main job, family and recreation. You and your students make a personal schedule.

We find students for you

All the marketing and promotion is ours to deal with. You don't have to think about it.

Client support and service is on us

We follow the students before, during and after mentorship. We're always around to help students and mentors.

You choose how many students you have at once

We don't limit how many students you have. Do you want to have only one at a time? Please do. You want eight? Here you go!

You choose your own prices

You choose what your services cost and how much time your students get. We can only advise you on that.

Your experience is your study program

We won't make you read lectures. You'll share your experience and we will help you on every step of mentorship.


We choose every mentor carefully. We study their professional experince, talk to their colleagues and collect references from former students. But first of all we check their ability to communicate and bring a point home. All of our mentors have:

Experience they can share

Mentor's experience is not limited to coding. How to find a job, how to communicate with clients, how to relocate to another country: all of that a mentor can teach a student.

Relevant and recent knowledge

Many of our students are experienced developers themselves and not only novices. All of them seek knowledge that will be useful for them right now and in the future. You can share what you already know and what you study yourself.

Ability and desire to communicate

You will lead people, helping them to achieve their goals. You'll have to explain, convince, motivate and demand things to be done.