Ruby on Rails for beginners

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This course focuses on the development of web applications on Ruby on Rails and Ruby programming in general. The knowledge gained during this course will allow you to first of all solve the real problems in the fastest, most correct and effective way.

In just a few months, a hardworking student under our supervision moves up from an absolute zero to an application written with his own hand and ready to use by other people.

The average training lasts for 6-8 weeks, but there no time limits from any side. You are trained in a mode being comfortable for you, on your own schedule.

You will learn all the basic web development technologies, their application techniques and nuances, and will learn to decide on your own what and when you need to use. Here is just a small list of what you will begin to understand and apply after completion of this course:

  • Quickly create Web projects on RoR, from simple CRUD and authorization to intricate service objects
  • Use modern development tools, from CI to analysis of code quality
  • Cover the code with tests with your hands behind your back
  • Read the documentation and sources
  • Write JavaScript code
  • Well, and everything else: the most necessary and useful gems, etc. ; -)

The whole training process on this course is fully under mentor's supervision.

It means, while you studying, your mentor is always alongside with you, giving you worthwhile advices, helping solving tasks, giving you motivation kicks and all. More about mentorship read here.

With mentor's help you will learn to automate certain tasks, understand the structure and functions of all elements of your current project. Additionally, mentor teaches you subtleties of profession, without knowledge of which you will be ostracized or even you won't be hirable anywhere.

How to apply your newly acquired programming skill also included into the syllabus. Mentor will teach you how and were you can find an employer, how the job market is arranged and, if you need, will provide you with all possible assistance in searching a new job for you. In other words, the mentor will work hard to shorten the gap between "I can do code" and "I can rise money by doing code".

Minimal requirements en

No minimum requirements

We do not impose any restrictions on the initial knowledge to study this course. You can start learning at any skill level but should bear in mind that having very little knowledge will require more time to pass the course. Therefore some tiny optional suggestions for the beginners of this course will look like this:

  • There is a general understanding of the technologies used in web development (in other words, you have read the book "Web Developer Self-Education" to your profit);
  • You have a notion of ​​the Ruby language and the ability to write a simple program with 3-4 classes interacting with each other (if not, studying this will prolong the time of the course);
  • Linux/MacOS is within easy reach;
  • the basics of Git are learnt (again, it's all there in the book);

Cost of education

The cost depends on monthly rate of a mentor who will train you. To start training on this course, you need to pick a mentor and pay your subscription.

You may choose yourself how much training will cost you. No boundaries, no terms. The whole learning process is at your pace.

It means the faster you acquire knowledge the cheaper it costs. The studying process never stops and continues as long your subscription is active. During this time your mentor is always alongside with you checking the quality of your work, chatting with you, answering questions and poking with motivation stick.

How the studying process is arranged?

Who is a mentor? If you had been a straight A student back in middle school, you should know that Mentor was the teacher of Telemachus, son of Odysseus, therefore, mentor means a wise and trusted advisor or teacher. This, in fact, is the essence of mentoring, and we don't see any reason why it shouldn't have less or more meaning for us. But let us be more specific anyway.

Even though training with a mentor comprises of practical tasks, it's not all about these tasks. The role of mentor is not to award you the "A" grade and get rid of you, but to make you a web developer. That's why answers to your questions (even the dumb ones), useful tips and tricks, even a few motivational kicks in the ass are all within his area of ​​responsibility. There's no need to be shy of your mentor, because this is the person who is willing to sacrifice his or her free time for your success. And this is how it will happen.

We believe that it is impossible to teach, it is only possible to learn. Therefore, the task in front of you will be placed such that to meet them, you have to learn something. Only your mentor will always be there with you (not physically but virtually connected), and as questions arise (they will, because if you have no questions, you either never study or have died in the process), he will answer them and provide guidance.

In fact, it will look something like this:

  1. Once you've made the decision to start training, you will get access to the magic "Start course" button form "Training" menu.

    00 start en
  2. Then you will see a list of tasks. The number of tasks will be different depending on the course you choose, but one thing would remain the same: you will get access to new tasks only after you have completed the previous one (as in a computer game). No spoilers!

    00 task1 en
  3. Then you read the task description and start this quest. This is actually where all your "Why?", "Where?", and "How?" questions start, and your mentor will be ready to answer them. And although the task provides links to other pages you need to check out to understand how to complete it, feel free to ask your mentor if you are doing it right.

  4. Done? Good for you! Send the results for the review and wait for the result, while your mentor is carefully checking your code. Current status of the task is shown in the task log. You will find all necessary info on how and where to send you tasks in the description of your course.

    00 success en
  5. After the first task have been reviewed, you will take the next one and so on until you reach your goal which is to build a complete and successfully running web application.

    00 next task en

During the training you will receive e-mails notifying you about the successful completion of the tasks. You will also get an e-mail if you have been inactive for some time. We have a lot of different ways to poke you with a stick and make sure that you're making progress with the task. You mentor will not leave you alone, but in the end, the process and progress of training depends only on you.


Wait, I still have a question...

And what application is written during the course?

It is our business secret. You will learn what application you will write immediately after registration for mentoring. But we promise it is not a blog and not a clone of existing sites but an interesting, necessary application connected with the study of foreign languages.

Will we use XXX or YYY?

There are no restrictions on what you'll use during the course. There is only one gem the use of which is mandatory. In other cases, we will teach you to choose the right libraries independently.

And if you want to tie something just for fun, we will strongly support that and help you to make it a real fun.

I've developed a couple of simple applications, does it make sense to go for this course?

Yes and no. It will be hard to hear, but we are sure that the applications you developed could be written better. So, passing this course will in any case improve your skills, though it will not be as hard as for a complete beginner in Rails.

If you're really confident in your abilities, then grap Ruby on Rails for adults which is intended for those who already have experience with Rails and, perhaps, even works as a Junior, but you want to level up your skills by factor of 5-10.

Still haunted by questions?
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