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About mkdev

What is mkdev?

This is a place for many web-developers to start. Anyone who want to learn programming can come here, learn and stay for further training.

Who are you?

We are a group of programmers and enthusiasts who work in a different areas at a different locations across the world. We spend our leisure time (if it can be called that) developing mkdev and developing ourselves alongside the project. Currently, the project team consists of just a few people. Our core team includes Kirill Shirinkin, author of the project, programmer and mentor and Leonid Suschev, co-author and a slacker; we actually have no idea what he does. We also have a few friendly programmers who contribute their code and materials for articles. For more details on our team, read here.

Why can I trust you and who do you think you are?

To be honest, we were total noobs in the web development field, too. Now we are hands-on engineers with spacious experience and sound knowledge. Moreover, we feel that we have an opportunity and potential to share this experience, and do it effectively. Many of our students have already got well-paid jobs in various companies, and we keep getting If we have everything working as planned, it means we're doing the right thing, right? :)

Why do you do it?

Ask any successful developer if it was easy to get what he or she has now, and you will know what pains it took. Web-development is a relatively new and rapidly growing industry. Partly for that reason, the education sector lacks teachers who can teach web development skills. One has to learn literally everything on his or her own.

We've been through this path and we know it is not easy. So we decided that we need to help educate new web developers, because, in the end, having invested our time in training new users, we will get experienced colleagues who have been trained by us.

I am an experienced programmer. Can I become a mentor?

Yes, but you need to know that teaching someone else is a challenge that comes with great responsibility. It's not the place to slack off or leave anything aside for later, because the success of another person depends on you. And yes, you will have to keep at his pace. If your student manages to complete several tasks a week, then you will have to find and spend some time reviewing his code, answering his questions and communicating with him. So contact us via email and together we will decide how to utilize your commitment to teaching. :)

You are cool! How else can I help you?

Our project is still in its early stages. As a team we are very ambitious, but to achieve our goals we need more people and data. For example, now we need to develop the content but then we will focus on boosting sales and increasing the number of mentors. Please contact us if you really know what to do and if you are ready to offer your help via email.

About education

What can I learn from you?

First, of all we teach the entire process of developing web applications. Regardless of skills you start with, in the end you will develop an app that other people can use. You will learn all the required technologies, methodologies and nuances of application development. You will also learn how to decide what and when you should use.

Recently we have moved beyond web development and began to mentor in many other areas. In general, what we can teach is limited to what our mentors know. You can read more about skills and knowledge of mentors in their profiles: mentors.

In addition, you will learn to understand all the intricacies of the profession, necessary in practice. And, once you know enough, we will show you where and how to find a job.

I can't do anything, can I start learning?

Sure! We are ready to teach everyone — even total newbies in web development. In your case, we will start with the basics like the operating systems and applications you will need. Do not expect to be given an advantage just because you are new, your first task will be the same as that the other students get, although it may just take you a little more effort. But be sure that you will manage that task, this is what our mentors are for.

I am kind of doing a good job, why should I need you?

Even if you feel everything is perfect, there are very high chances reality will prove you wrong. This is particularly evident when you start working with real projects. We do a meticulous code-review (as developer teams at large companies usually do), give you tips and tricks that you could learn only after you start working.

We can help you even when specialized communities won't, and it will save you a lot of time! Learning everything by yourself can take years (not dealing with real projects) while with a mentor it takes only a few months during which you work as a trainee but already with real projects.

What's the difference between self-education and mentoring?

It may be not so easy to select the necessary material and guess in what order and how much you need to learn to achieve the desired result, it is not easy. We are not saying that it's not possible, actually, we have walked this path ourselves. But in this case you will have to learn from your own mistakes trying to navigate in the dark, while your mentor will start with set the direction and give you some essential info to read. You will start learning and practicing exactly what you need. And you will keep doing it throughout the training. The difference is like between training in the gym with a personal trainer and doing it all by yourself.

How do I choose the mentor? They all seem to be so different...

If reading their descriptions and articles didn't help, then write us an email to and we will help you to choose.

What is the process of education?

Your mentor gives you a task, and accompanies you all the way towards its accomplishment. Then he checks your work and gives you the next task. Upon successful completion of all tasks you will create your web application. Learn more about the mentoring process here.

How long does the education take?

A really hard-working student will complete the main quest in a month, and will immediately be able to start looking for a job. On average, one quest takes two to three months, if the student works hard enough. After that your education will not end (actually, the learning process never ends and career development is all about advancing your skills), but at this stage a student can create web applications on his or her own without our help. And then it's up to the student to decide if he needs our help in further development or not.

Can you guarantee that I will become a programmer?

The only person who can guarantee that is yourself. Most programmers were not born in royal families and they have to do everything by themselves to meet their goals. If your goal is to become a web developer, we will do everything we can to help you achieve it. But if you do not really want to learn and be challenged, even we are powerless to help you.

About the money

How is the price of mentoring formed?

The cost of mentorship is the cost of mentor's personal time. Instead of spending time with their families, watching TV shows or riding a bike in the park, mentor will spend this time with you. And since he is paid for doing it, you can be sure that he will answer any of your questions in time and as detailed as possible.

The amount that you will actually pay depends on the experience of the mentor and his or her skills. That is, the more expensive the mentor, the more valuable the specialist he is. Instead of teaching you he or she could be working on a lucrative contract, so it's important to compensate this time appropriately.

What payment options do I have?

There are two payment options: per week and per month. Per month — is when you subscribe for the whole month of studying and pay for this month. This is a default option. When the subscription is over, you may prolong it for the next month or any other suitable period of time.

A weekly payment option is created for students who do not want or do not have a possibility to subscribe for the whole month due to any circumstances which may affect or interrupt the studying process (a vocation, farming, a sudden attack of laziness, etc.). You may pick one or several weeks of subscription, pay for it and then start learning.

What is a subscription upgrade and how it works?

If you chose a weekly subscription option at first place then during the first week of your subscription period you will be offered a possibility to upgrade current subscription plan to the whole month by paying the difference between a monthly subscription cost and the amount you already have paid. An upgrade button is located at the account page. If there is no such button then it means that the offer expired or you already have a monthly subscription.

Can I pause my training and my subscription?

Yes, you can!

If during your training you find yourself under circumstances which won't allow you to continue then you should inform your mentor as soon as possible. Together you will determine a period in which you shall postpone your training and your mentor will set the subscription on pause.

During the pause you will lose all access to the training sections of the site and a possibility to send your code for the code review. As soon as your subscription recommences, or the mentor manually activates your subscription by your request, all functions will back to normal as well.

What is the payment procedure?

After signing up and, optionally, discussing some details of study process with us or the mentor, you can pay for mentorship. Go to your Account page, pick the mentor you want to study with, pick the amount of weeks you want to study, fill in your credit card details and you are ready to go!

If you can't decide which mentor to choose, write us about it or ask a mentor (on his profile page).

At the moment you can pay with Visa, Master Card and American Express. By choosing the subscription options, enter your card details and press «pay». Your card's data will remain unknown to us, we will only receive money. The safety and reliability of transactions are provided by the international payment service Stripe.

And what are the guarantees that after receiving my money you are not going to spend it on plane tickets to Germany?

Well, first of all, we're already in Germany (at least some of us), so we won't take the money and run :) We do not hide our identities, you know all about us. If you don't, feel free to ask. All our contacts are public and quite open. Besides, we are not shy of getting feedback from our clients. Please check the Feedback page to see what other people say about our work. You can contact all reviews authors and ask them if they are satisfied with their training and get the proof that we didn't run away with their money.

If I don't learn anything in the process, can I get my money back?

It's only you who decides to learn or not to learn web development. We can not make that choice for you, like parents forcing their children to learn the piano or violin. So when you make this choice, we appreciate it and start unfolding our action plan (and give you value for your money) to make your training and your way up to the goal you set as comfortable as possible.

We have already trained guys with different backgrounds other than web development. Therefore, we firmly believe that failure to learn web-development is possible in only one case — when you actually do not learn it. So, before you make a decision, make sure that you really want to learn web-development. Read the book about web developer self-education, subscribe to get some tasks, try to do something yourself, and when you feel you need our help — then we will discuss the terms of payment.

I don't have that much money, but I want to learn. What should I do?

We offer two methods of payment, weekly and monthly so you can choose the one that is best for you. And we foster your self-education, too. It is free. We also regularly publish articles to help you master your skills to perfection. Get e-mail subscription for our regular updates.

I've paid the money, but in the process of learning I changed my mind (ran out of electricity, a coup took place in my country, the doomsday has arrived). What should I do?

Inform your mentor about that and he will cancel your subscription. Please note that the period you've already paid for cannot be canceled. So, before you make a decision, make sure that you really want to learn, and that you are not planning any major changes in your life for the next two or three months.


I downloaded you Self-education Guide, but I can't understand a word of it. What should I do?

The book is structured so that your learning process goes smoothly following the order of the chapters. And if something is not clear to you, it means you haven't got some info from the previous chapters. In addition, the book has a magic chapter called “Bonus

You may also find out that self-education is not your cup of tea. Then you can hire one of our mentors and proceed with your education getting more personalized help.

Self-education is good, but I want something even better... What can you offer me?

We regularly post articles on self-education to help engaged, active web developers keep their skills up-to-date and in-demand. We also feature interesting articles on web development issues. You may choose to receive updates through our newsletter.

I'm fed up with your emails, how can I unsubscribe?

There is an unsubscribe button in the body of each email sent to you via our newsletter. But, come on, you can't really be serious.

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