How does mentoring work?

Who is a mentor? If you were a straight A student back in middle school, you know that Mentor was the teacher of Telemachus, son of Odysseus. Therefore, mentor means a wise and trusted advisor or teacher. We embrace this essence of mentoring at mkdev.

Even though training with a mentor is a series of practical tasks, it's not all about to-do lists. The mentor's role is not to award you an "A" and get rid of you, but to make you into a web developer. That's why your mentor's area of responsibility includes answering your questions (even the dumb ones), giving useful tips and tricks, and even delivering a few motivational kicks in the ass. Don't be afraid to lean on your mentor; they are mentors because they are willing to sacrifice their free time for your success.

We believe that it is impossible to teach, it is only possible to learn. Therefore, the task assigned to you will be designed so that to meet them, you have to learn something. Your mentor will always be there for you (not physically, but virtually). As questions arise (they will, because if you have no questions, you either never study or have died in the process), they will answer them and provide guidance.

In fact, it will look something like this:

  1. Once you've made the decision to start training, you will get access to the magic "Start quest" button in the "Training" menu.

  2. From there you will see a list of tasks. The number of tasks will be different from quest to quest. You will only gain access to a new task after you have completed the previous one (like a computer game). No spoilers!

  3. Then you read the task description and start this quest. This is where all of your "Why?", "Where?", and "How?" questions arise, and your mentor will be ready to answer them. Although the each task provides links to resources to help you complete it, feel free to ask your mentor if you are doing it right.

  4. Done? Good for you! Send your work in for review and wait for the result while your mentor carefully checks your code. The current status of the task is shown in the task log. You will find all necessary info on how and where to send your completed tasks in the description of your quest.

  5. After the first task has been reviewed, you will receive the next one, repeating until you reach your goal of building a complete web application.

During the training you will receive e-mails notifying you of the acceptance of finished tasks. You will also get an e-mail reminder if you have been inactive for some time. We have a lot of different ways to poke you with a stick and make sure that you're making progress with the task. You mentor will not leave you alone, but in the end, the process and outcome of training depends on your own efforts.

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