Ivan Shamatov

A distinctive feature of Ivan is constant access, a whole day in communication. If half a day was not, then says: "Sorry, today is late, I renew the subscription for a day." Or in advance: "For the weekend I'm leaving, I'll suspend your subscription for two days." Responds to all questions, does not cringe, or answers how to do it, or gives references. I recommend. If you have a lot of time and need constant contact with the mentor, then you need to go to Ivan. The fact that he is a teacher is an additional plus, he likes to explain and explains clearly.

Translated by Google - Show original Pyotr Hilenko, 18/06/18

The format of the training is pretty cool, only personally, to me, quite a beginner, it was difficult to learn, because the mentor puts the task practically without any hints and it is necessary to go into deep gouging. Sometimes the results of this search work led to a dead end and I found out about this only when coming up with a question to the mentor. Mentor as a rule does not say what is wrong, but directs to the second stage of Google, as a result, the solution of one small problem is stretched for a couple of weeks. So I went to Thinknetika because of their traditional lecture format and this gave me more fruit in less time.

Translated by Google - Show original Aleksandr Aleksandrov, 23/08/17

To be honest, the presentation of the material seemed to be very imperfect, I could not overcome the first steps, even after creating the application with the cards, and I could not find understanding from the mentor in that volume, in general, half a dozen passed.

Translated by Google - Show original Arslan Muchkaev, 10/08/17

He studied with Ivan in October 2016. I liked the training, Ivan quickly and promptly responds to messages and checks tasks. He made a huge contribution to becoming me as a programmer also had support in finding the first job, I did not even have time to finish the course, as I had already been taken to my first job. Taking this opportunity to express my gratitude to Ivan, I also want to thank the organizers of this online service who provide us with the opportunity to obtain the basic knowledge and skills required in the programmer's work. And, what I most appreciate in this online resource is the provision of a mentor who will indicate in which direction you need to think and solve a problem.

Translated by Google - Show original Roman Kenda, 26/07/17

For me it was a stupid waste of money. I bought mentoring, but it looked like either Ivan did not have the competence to answer my questions, or I did not understand his hints. I had a specific task, to which I did not know how to stand up. Ivan's answers were more theoretical than practical. The efficiency of these investments is estimated at 10%. For myself, I concluded that your resource is more good for beginners than seasoned ones. One interview with a Canadian company has brought me much more benefits than participating in mentoring with Ivan. The task I had was to write the plugin redmine_2fa. Ivan's advice in this direction was of little use. They were more for an expansion of horizons. With no less success, such information can be obtained free of charge in the Russian-speaking Gugluppa on rails. Ivan probably knows a lot, but then I did not ask the right questions, or his vacation with his family in Europe lowered the level of consultation. Your resource can recommend only junior. Midlam is more suited safari online or something like that

Translated by Google - Show original Artur Trofimov, 17/07/17

Ivan is not only a great sensei and mentor! Regularly in touch - at least on a day off, even on a late weekday. Pristalny code-review, an excellent and well-reasoned criticism. Interesting and productive communication! In a word - I recommend!

Translated by Google - Show original Denis Gorbunov, 17/07/17

I'll start, perhaps, from the fact that I was not the most exemplary student. I had to travel a lot, I was very grateful that Ivan was in the position and had the opportunity to freeze the subscription. The second time I blocked the subscription, I could not join back. Perhaps it was the biggest minus with Ivan stopped to coincide in the schedule. The time that he could give, it was not convenient for me. It was felt that he was not interested in me anymore. Maybe my successes were not what they inspire. I felt that Ivan does not believe in my success anymore. In part, it demotivated me and I decided to stop my studies. Now about the positive: there was a lot of positive moments. At the very beginning of the training, I really liked the approach, Ivan almost always was in touch, explained everything sooo in detail and intelligibly, in every possible way defended. I felt support and work went smoothly. I am a person led by success, I need praise and support, it is necessary to know that I can get what is so hard to give. Considering that I'm new to the field. This is my wish - try to improve the personal approach to the students, study depends on the mood and lose contact with the student! Thanks for all!

Translated by Google - Show original Alina Vasylieva, 14/07/17

I'm really glad that I met Vanya. For each question, he received from him a quick laconic response, he skillfully led me to an independent solution to the problem that arose. Vanya is a kind and sympathetic person, it was very pleasant to work on the project under his supervision.

Translated by Google - Show original Ilya Kalinichev, 08/06/17

I studied with Ivan, and I still had a good impression. The course itself is very interesting, every day I discovered something new for myself. Ruby on Rails is beautiful and amazing. I liked the mentor's approach to checking tasks: it was not just "Did - done", but "Well, you wrote the code, let's improve it now." Unfortunately, due to lack of time, I was unable to complete the course. I want to return, I hope to get to Ivan again.

Translated by Google - Show original Nikita Popov, 08/06/17

I did not attend courses, I asked for help to understand a new and complex project. In addition to helping with the project Ivan at the same time helped to build a clear methodology for the work. Ivan also has very clear and necessary articles. I already know where they will come in handy for my project. This will greatly facilitate my work. I'm going to take a course with Ivan for several reasons: 1) very interesting topics and technologies are touched upon (which interest me, but there is not enough time to study them); 2) it is interesting to get a review of the code from Ivan; 3) Ivan can explain the topic of human language :)

Translated by Google - Show original Mike Oleynik, 04/03/17

I took a course "Rails for the little ones" under Ivan's mentoring. And I would like to say that he is a wonderful mentor who will always help and tell you how to better implement this or that task, in case of difficulties, explain and push to the right thought. If I'm asking a question, I always get a detailed answer to it. Even if your code works, it does not mean that it is good =) Ivan always tells you how you can improve it, make it more readable, or what tool to apply. The training proceeded smoothly and incredibly interesting, there were force majeure circumstances, and Ivan always understood and walked towards. If you decide to take seriously programming, Ivan will become your best mentor.

Translated by Google - Show original Nikita Naumenko, 23/02/17

I came to mkdev for what books and documentation can not give - the culture of creating code. Programming - modern craft and apprentice should carefully choose who has to learn its subtleties. Ivan is a wonderful master who is able to discover all the beauty of Ruby and RoR. After his review, you will look at the code in a completely different way. To create not just a working, but concise, reliable, ready for any changes code. Mentoring is the shortest path from beginner to professional.

Translated by Google - Show original Zheka, 08/02/17

For a long time I wanted to take a course "Ruby on Rails for adults", because I did not have confidence in my knowledge, as well as a person with experience who would prompt and direct the true path. Ivan has very good articles on mkdev.me, which explain in an accessible and simple language how it works there, so the mentor's choice was obvious to me. During the course, Ivan always successfully told me where to dig further if I got stuck. I suggested solving the problem in a different, more correct and simpler way, which made me go deeper into the problem, think more and read the documentation. I am glad that Ivan became my mentor on this course.

Translated by Google - Show original Aleksandr Zutikov, 09/11/16

I took the course "Rails for Beginners" under the direction of Ivan. I must note that Ivan is a very good teacher, who is important that you understand and remember everything correctly. When the project was running, there were times when, after asking some, in your opinion, a small question, you get a detailed explanatory answer and a couple of links in addition. Ivan sharpens his attention on important things: even if the code sent for verification works correctly, but there are "slippery places", he will point to them, explain and advise how to improve. And you, when carrying out the task, could not even think about this place, if you were doing without a mentor. The training itself was flexible enough, we missed something, and then came back to it later and vice versa, did some things in advance to simplify the work in the future. I recommend Ivan as a mentor.

Translated by Google - Show original Ilya, 27/10/16

I have been working with RoR for several years. And due to the workload at work, there is not so much time and effort left on the self-development of the RoR technology stack, it prompted the idea that additional training is needed from the side. The choice fell on the courses from mkdev.me because Only they in the post-Soviet space found a serious course "Ruby on Rails for adults." The tasks of the course have pleased me, they often do not limit you in the choice of tools for solving the tasks. The tasks themselves are quite complex and forced to sit, grasp and understand. It is important that next to you, all this time, an experienced mentor. I was lucky with Ivan, he very easily explains the difficult moments and correctly directs to the way of solving the tasks. Also, I am always ready to prompt and share my experience, in addition to current tasks, on the issues that interest me, for which I am grateful to him. I'm glad that my choice fell on this course and Ivan as a mentor.

Translated by Google - Show original Ilya Borovinskiy, 12/09/16

I started to take my first steps in web development on the course with Ivan and that's what I can say: even if you do not have any experience in programming behind you, Ivan will diligently inform you about all the necessary information, he will direct you to any questions In the right direction, will give recommendations on literature for independent study, will share interesting and useful approaches in the development of the project. Ivan is a professional developer and an excellent teacher.

Translated by Google - Show original Oleg Dianov, 13/05/16

Vanya is a very good teacher. Gave me a start to study RoR. Unlike the rest of the teachers, who do not care if people understand or not the material for which profit is more important, Ivan is not like that. Ivan is very much trying to get people to the information they want, trying to solve any of their problems. Vanya is constantly improving and finding new methods of teaching. Vanya is a good teacher, who appreciates his work, is devoted to his work and strives to teach people new knowledge and skills!

Translated by Google - Show original Vadim, 11/05/16
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