Stas Mehonoshin

Translated by Google - Show original Ivan Tkachev, 20/08/18

I've been studying Ruby on Rails for about a year. Self-study gives some knowledge, but does not systematize them. Mentor puts everything on the shelves. Previously, did not write tests. Stas taught me to write them, the result is more than satisfied. I recommended an excellent list of books and interesting articles. I often ask questions (not just Ruby on Rails) and get accurate and detailed answers to them. The review code is always on time, all the comments on the case. I want to express my gratitude to Stas - this is really useful and valuable experience.

Translated by Google - Show original Vladimir Umantsev, 30/07/18

Recently I got a test from one company. After some time after its implementation in social networks, I found a developer who performed the same test for the same post. Seeing his code, I realized what a huge impact on me was the mentoring of Stas. I saw the mistakes I made at the beginning of the training, and which Stas showed me in the code review. Most likely, thanks to this difference made to me, and not this developer.

Translated by Google - Show original Anton Karpenko, 19/11/17

Stas is a responsible mentor. He is well versed in the backend, has extensive experience and is able to project his experience on current tasks. Available for communication at almost any time. The code review does qualitatively. If you feel that something is wrong in your code, but do not understand what exactly and how to improve it, then you are to it! Gives good practical advice. Pings regularly) In general, everything is as it should!

Translated by Google - Show original Yaroslav Sorokin, 11/09/17
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