Aleksandr Fedotov

Translated by Google - Show original Andrey Ushakov, 15/10/18

I studied with Sasha for 1 month. The main focus was on React. In the process of teaching Sasha very much and well explained the material and tasks that he did not always understand the first time)) shared experience and knowledge as a good experienced colleague. Iron stamina and the desire to teach the pupil showed up in all the small things. I liked the communication and our format of work, especially the chips with voice recordings). Training had to be interrupted for personal and family reasons and did not complete the training project, which I regret very much. If there is an opportunity, I will definitely continue training with a mentor!

Translated by Google - Show original Anatoliy Vershinin, 01/03/18

I am engaged in Sasha for the 3rd month. Listened to what I want. I built the program from the very foundations. I began to understand much more things, compared to what was in the beginning. Although it's not always easy and it breaks the brain, Sasha always wants me to come to myself, gradually. He is able to explain many times the same thing in different variations, so that the information reaches. I will continue to continue to study and advise everyone exactly it.

Translated by Google - Show original Pavel Zagvozdin, 13/01/18
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