Anton Cherepanov

I write a review 1.5 months after passing the "Rails for the little ones" with Anton Cherepanov, somewhat exhausting his impression. I came to Anton after the course of Victor Ruby, i.e. Prepared. Studied with a tight schedule, the goal was to quickly pass the initial course and proceed to the advanced. The main goal for the passage of these two courses was to find work on the rails; From my work on php, I left, and the stocks of funds are running out. I felt strength and decided on such an adventure. Which to the word is not yet complete. Anton quickly made a review, while in his comments was terse. After the "torture for the sake of knowledge of Ruby" from Victor (with the alteration of one task, or even one piece of code 3-5-7 times), such laconicism seemed suspicious to me. Those. Either tasks are simple and I really "well done, I do everything right the first time," or ... Mentor pays little attention to me. I admit: I left these doubts for the time being, because Was the goal "to master the initial course for a month", but in an advanced course you will look at everything differently. The answer to this question I did not recognize. Since July 1, there was a price increase, there was a chance to continue training with Anton at the old price, but I did not use it. Decided to see who else is from the mentors, there just added three new mentors for Rails and began to choose from them. And I got it. What has happened is another story. Looking back, I understand that Anton was not so bad)) I think that he adequately conducts within the framework of the courses, I am thinking of going to him for a course on React. But in time, if everything goes well.

Translated by Google - Show original Natalya Maksimenko, 16/08/17

I went through the course "Ruby on Rails for adults" under Anton Cherepanov. As a result, I gained new knowledge, strengthened what I already knew, and discovered several new tools and approaches. Anton is an excellent mentor, he makes a quick review, so he does not have to waste time, he is always positive and ready to help. Thanks a lot to Anton and the whole mkdev team.

Translated by Google - Show original Yakov Annikov, 17/06/17

Anton is the best investment in my training. In some moments, throw some material to study the issue, in some ways help, always make a qualitative review and help with advice in case of any questions, whether it's writing code or looking for work. 2 months of training, 2.5 passed the course with Anton and the result - the work found. But on this I think our cooperation will not be interrupted, the fullstack must be completed.)

Translated by Google - Show original Roman Kakorin, 16/06/17

During the training Anton quickly answered questions. I added even a few bonus days when I was over the task. In general, good impressions. A little rest and renew the subscription for a year mb.

Translated by Google - Show original Aslan Aslan, 18/05/17

Let's say you have a working application. And is everything good in it? Such a question can arise after an independent study of any programming language. Mentor, who will point out the shortcomings of your application - what you need! It's like if you have a diamond, and you will get a diamond as a result. And no matter which course is chosen. The main thing is that your code turns into one that is not embarrassing to someone to show it. So why am I doing this? Anton for raising knowledge on the rails is ideal, yes, yes.

Translated by Google - Show original Yauheni Dakuka, 17/05/17

I always had a feeling that I was missing something in the rails. Behind the shoulders were several courses and small projects, but the firm belief that I know this framework was not. At some point, I realized that I needed someone with experience, to which I could apply for help. Purely accidentally stumbled upon mkdev, read about the mentors and decided to try. I took the first course "Rails for the youngest", expecting to pass it for a week and evaluate the mentoring itself. As the mentor chose Anton Cherepanov. The first lessons were really very simple and I clicked them like nuts. I was already beginning to get frustrated, but already closer to the middle of the course, I began to discover new things for myself. Anton, for the most part, monitored the quality of the code and gave valuable advice for the future as well as for current assignments. Often these were words, such as "think about this topic" or "here you can use this one". There were no direct solutions, but this is even a plus. Finding solutions yourself is a very useful skill in programming. For this Anton thank you very much. On the part of Anton there were no quick answers and often I managed to solve this or that problem myself, but in a couple of cases it really helped me a lot. Pleased that there is freedom in the decision and there is no need to follow the letter of the task clearly. Having finished the course, I decided to take on something new. So I started the course about React and Rails 5. The course is built very competently and all the necessary elements for further work with React are covered. I practically did not have experience with JS development, but this course helped to make the first steps. Anton's advice in this case was even more valuable. In the end, I got what I wanted. I was able to refresh existing knowledge and get new ones. There was confidence in their abilities. And now I know that if there are any questions, they can be asked by Anton and he will tell the right direction :) PS Wishes for the future Anton - check the tasks a little more carefully and start each pull request locally. There were a few moments when the code did not work as it should, but I figured it out only on the next or through some more tasks.

Translated by Google - Show original xvonabur, 06/05/17

Many times I tried to teach the rails by books, but I always threw this matter, because no one controlled me, and I forgot. There are not tons of video materials on, behind which you fall asleep, but there are really difficult and challenging tasks, during which practical knowledge grows at a tremendous rate. In the process of finding solutions, you try a lot of options, simultaneously expanding your horizons in terms of gem and technology. The platform turned out to be very convenient for me, since initially there is an emphasis on independent search of the solution both with the help of prompts and resources to the task, and with the help of Google. But if it so happens that there is no solution and absolutely nothing at all - then the mentor comes to the rescue, Which tells where to look next. It is also very important that all the code is reviewed and immediately the rules of good code are taught. My mentor, Anton Cherepanov, gave me many good tips on how to organize the code, gave clues to more concise constructions and solutions to tasks, did not let me get bogged down In especially difficult tasks and helped with the decision) I recommend Anton as an excellent mentor in the process of studying ROR

Translated by Google - Show original Aleksandr Morozov, 03/05/17

Thanks to Anton for the wonderful course "Ruby on Rails for Adults". Interesting tasks and full immersion in the process. At the output, a completely different level of ownership of the framework is felt. I recommend!

Translated by Google - Show original Dmitriy Kuhlevskiy, 12/03/17

I got attached to him for 2 weeks. Very reverent attitude to his work. At the end of the course I'll try to make friends.

Translated by Google - Show original Pyotr Hilenko, 01/03/17

That's how I tell everything on the spirit! I finished the first course with Anton, the rails for the little ones. I had a small background behind me in the form of independent attempts to master the rails, I even wrote something at my leisure. In general, it is worth to clarify that for me this is a hobby, I was not pursuing the goal of tripling to work as a programmer. In general, after almost a year of independent research, I decided that I had enough to do without the system, and clicked on the banner on the Rusrayles. Immediately decided that I need a fullstack, so the choice fell on Anton. But somehow it happened that we started from the very beginning, and, you know, did not regret ever. There were tasks that I did in 10 minutes, and there were a lot of digging for a week. In general, I repeated something, learned something. But the main thing is systemicity, it's cool when there is an understandable algorithm for building an application, where to start, where to put this function, and where this one, and why in the controller there are no unnecessary movements in the controller. Porridge in my head turned into a semblance of structure. Of course, after one course, I can not say that I suddenly immediately became an awesome developer, but he laid the basics and the vector of development. I would gladly continue my studies, but I did not have the patience. Quickly very enthusiastic passes when you write "a spherical horse in a vacuum", well, I have such a character, I need to go straight to the battle, on a commercial project. So when I looked at the second course and realized that there is almost the same, but much deeper than I was attacked by universal ecstasy, and I podzabil for training and took up my project. And most of all I was furious to write reports, I can not stand reports. In the end I can say that classes with Anton have benefited me, I have become more confident about kodit, learned to dig into other people's code and stopped thoughtlessly copying someone else's code with stackoverflow :)

Translated by Google - Show original Aleksandr Danilov, 22/02/17

I took a long look at the courses on rails on mkdev, because it seemed that this format should be very effective. The choice of the mentor was "for luck") And I believe that Anton was very, very lucky to me. He patiently explains and repeats, because I'm really quite new at all this. I still do not get it very fast and often it seems to me that I can not cope, but the main thing is not to give up?)))) If there is a mentor nearby, then everything will turn out all right))) Mentor in translation from dr.Grecheskogo - educator ) This fully reflects the learning process, so Anton pays attention to weak points and if you need to prompt something, it does it not directly, but so that you have to think all the same. Anton thank you very much for your patience!

Translated by Google - Show original Elena Chervonobab, 15/02/17

Before classes on MKDEV.ME, I studied Ruby on Rails for a little over two months myself (youtube, books, articles). Before that, I only owned HTML / CSS. Originally was set up immediately for the course "React and Rails 5" (Full Stack), but Anton advised to start with the base. I agreed and I never regretted it, because it helped to reveal many gaps in the main things. The format of the training, personally, suits me perfectly, there are not any restrictions on the timing or speed. At the moment I have no experience working in the IT field, but I believe that the development procedure in a real company is quite similar to that presented in the mkdev courses. The format teaches the student to look for solutions on their own, which is the most correct, in my opinion, approach to learning. Anton motivates and gives useful comments almost at any time of the day) At the moment I'm finishing my second course "Ruby on Rails for Adults" and I'm going to start the one that was originally approached by "React and Rails 5" (Full Stack), and also in parallel In general, I can say that the mkdev courses and Anton's management in particular gave me what I expected, namely: self-confidence in solving the upcoming development tasks at ROR and the desire to develop further!

Translated by Google - Show original Oleg Nikitashin, 04/02/17

Before starting the RoR course for beginners, I learned a little about Ruby and created a blog on the instructions from the official documentation. Convenience of the course is that you choose the speed of training, a lot of independent practice and the constant complication of tasks. Mentor Anton quickly answers questions (mistakes, best practices, etc.) and checks the fulfillment of tasks. The passed course made it possible to feel more confident at interviews and perform test tasks, which eventually resulted in getting a job as a RoR developer. Thanks to Anton for help with the initial development of Ruby on Rails.

Translated by Google - Show original Aleksey Dukin, 18/12/16

Passed the Junior Course on Rails completely and the senior to the last job. Both courses were mentored by Anton Cherepanov. Anton always forced to bring his code almost to the ideal, and I will say that this is transmitted to his students, to me so accurately. Patient and sympathetic. Quickly did a review of the task and quickly responded to Gitter. And as the interlocutor is always cheerful. I recommend Anton, as an excellent mentor, mentor.

Translated by Google - Show original Aleksandr Ulizko, 01/11/16

Before enrolling for the course to Anton, I already worked for 4+ years as a front-end developer and I did not have enough time to independently study the backend on RubyOnRails. Anton gave me a good "kick" and in a short time I started to understand this area, besides all the relevant information was at hand and I did not have to understand what was wrong and what was good. In addition, you can always contact any question and get an answer in a short time.

Translated by Google - Show original Anton, 12/09/16

I took two courses on Rails under the guidance of Anton. Frankly, there were doubts about which mentor to choose. In the end, the choice fell on Anton: smile: And I did not regret! He helps to understand (to understand, not to do the job for you), pokes his nose at problematic areas, advising how to correct them and avoid them in the future, makes him make bonus tasks and, if necessary, he will come up with ways to push the technology that You want to study just you. Thus, for two courses you get quite a lot of "combat" experience of the level of junior. After passing an advanced course on Rails, Anton helped me to make a decent resume, conducted a test interview on Skype (for which I was extremely grateful) at 12 o'clock in the morning (!), Prompted me where my mistakes, advised what to read and study for the successful passage of the interview . And thanks to his efforts, I found a good job for a week, which is very impressive for me, considering that until this job could not find about six months. Summarizing the above, I can say with certainty that Anton's training was my best investment of money!

Translated by Google - Show original Ivan, 29/06/16

Was engaged on mkdev on a course "for the smallest" at mentor Anton. I want to note that the course teaches us to independently search for solutions to problems, and not to follow the example templates (this is not a tutorial). There will not be boring screencasts, detailed instructions and chewing. You probably will encounter problems that are not described in the links to the lesson. It will be necessary to look at the documentation and google. And after several hours of searching, if nothing happened, he comes - the mentor. Be sure to help with all the issues. Just do not ask questions without searching for answers yourself (it's not productive). While you are looking for the answer yourself - you probably will know even more than you wanted to know. If this format suits you, do not hesitate to act. Knowledge and confidence in their skills will significantly increase after the course. And what remained misunderstood in the books read before, will become clear. Anton is always in touch and on the positive =) I took 3 weeks and 3 days off the course, the rest of the days I messed around with the game. I tried to do it to the maximum. Now I am preparing to begin the course for "adults". I wish everyone to go through this hard way - the path of a beginner. Mkdev helped me with this and hopefully help to learn more about web development!

Translated by Google - Show original Aleksandr Meshkov, 10/06/16

I am very glad that I got on mkdev and never regretted that I went to see Anton. He taught that almost any necessary information can be found in the documentation. Thanks to the format of mentoring, almost all the tasks are solved independently and only in necessary cases do you seek explanations for the teacher. Also working with an experienced tutor immediately teaches you to write the correct, beautiful code. In general, I advise everyone, do not regret it!

Translated by Google - Show original Kostya, 18/05/16

In general, to various courses, especially in the IT field, always treated with caution and some skepticism, because you do not always know what you will get as a result. Earlier I studied Ruby on Rails myself in my free time for about a year. I learned a lot, but sometimes I did not have enough understanding of what I was doing. Then I came across the site mkdev, and I was very interested in the principle of learning that they offer. Long thought before he began training, but still took a chance, and did not regret it. No other students, as in ordinary courses, you communicate with the mentor one by one. (Of course, there are other students, but you do not encounter them at all.) No one loads theory violently, and you get exactly as much information to study as necessary to complete the building. All the tasks that I have encountered are highly likely to be met in future projects. I studied with the mentor Anton, who proved to be an excellent mentor. The first thing I would like to note is his requirements for the cleanliness of the code. In the first tasks, Anton sent my code to the revision for seemingly minor details. But thanks to this, after 2 weeks I have accustomed myself to check all the indents and correctly structure both the code itself and the files in the project. Secondly, Anton never gave direct answers. No matter how difficult the task was, he always gave clues so that I independently found a solution. This is sometimes annoying, but it is thanks to this that understanding comes to mind how everything works in reality. I want to thank my mentor Anton, as well as all the creators of the project.

Translated by Google - Show original Andrey, 03/05/16

This is my second year on mkdev. My mentor was Anton and he always came to the rescue when I needed it (fortunately not often :)). The assignments ranged from "very easy" to "very difficult", rarely when there were medium assignments, but in general the course left good impressions and knowledge. Thank you!

Translated by Google - Show original Vsevolod, 03/05/16

I thought for a long time how it is possible to combine teaching with programming combined with current work. Mkdev provided this opportunity for me. Having a little experience of studying RoR, I was worried when I was enrolled on the course, as they would treat me. But a well-designed training program and a good mentor dispelled all doubts. Step by step, you gradually become immersed in this atmosphere of learning by learning more and more. I just finished the course, now I'm going to look for work in this field. ☺ I also plan to continue my studies in the next year. Thank you very much to the guys for the course, in particular to my mentor Anton!

Translated by Google - Show original Pavel, Pasha, 25/04/16

Learning from Anton can be compared to real work. Immediately the answer to the question is not to get) First you need to read the doc, google, if it did not work out the answer to the question, then Anton gives a hint to find a solution. This hint always sufficed to find the answer. I liked this technique, which teaches to be an independent developer. The review of assignments was conducted at any time of the day. Anton motivates to do more and better. As a result of this course, everyone will receive their unique application.

Translated by Google - Show original Pavel Pustovalov, 10/03/16

Despite the fact that I already had a little experience on the rails, from the course "Ruby on Rails beginner" I learned and mastered new gems, fixed in practice what I knew earlier. Thanks to my mentor - Anton, helped to understand the places where I "skidded". The project is interesting, may even be useful for own use in the future

Translated by Google - Show original Pavel, 01/03/16

Mkdev is a unique project, you can say the only one in the Russian language segment of RuNet devoted to the Ruby language and the Rails framework. But its uniqueness is not so much in its exclusivity, as in the quality of knowledge that it gives. Here you will not find the usual screencasts, tutorials from the howto series, here you will learn by yourself and immediately plunge into the development process. But you will not learn by yourself - its important feature in the presence of mentors, which like Cerberus will keep in a constant tone, not giving you indulgences. With them you just can not do the job badly, they just will not accept it. After many hours of work, when you finally implement this or that feature, and you will be ready to relax a bit, they will necessarily point you to the places where you are hacked, make you rewrite the procedure or function in a more elegant way and never tire of saying: "Tests, tests , Tests ". During the training, there were moments when I wanted to quit and say: "Well, what am I doing wrong again?" However, over time, when difficulties were overcome, you begin to understand why the mentor so meticulously pointed to your shortcomings. The project gives not only basic knowledge of the language and framework, but teaches responsibility, trains the will, sets the development vector for further growth. Perhaps, for today it is the best platform for start to plunge into the wonderful world of Ruby.

Translated by Google - Show original Yuriy, 01/03/16

Independent attempts to learn Ruby on Rails started for me about a year before I learned about mkdev. Basically, these were sluggish attempts to go through the tutorials to create a blog on the rails. By the way, none of the tutorials has been passed to the end. I remember how each time I opened one of the typical articles and began to fall asleep somewhere in the middle (and in general, it's best to sleep under video lessons). Nothing really could be learned, even in a very simple "blasphemy" was seen a solid magic. Complicating all the habit of constantly leaping from one to another, trying to learn everything that comes to hand, and even Vasyan from the next entrance attempted to scoff: "Why do you rails, by the time machine in 2010 gathered?". As a result, I realized that this attitude to learning will not lead anywhere, and decided to look for some online courses or something like that. In general, there was never any trust in Russian-language online learning resources, however, mkdev was bribed by the presence of really qualified mentors. After reading the site mkdev, it seemed that the project was made "with a soul", there is no compulsive marketing, the creators respect their customers; An unusual format with no fixed time limits. And most importantly, a reasonable slogan "Everything you need to learn programming and make money from it." Quests, honestly, very interesting. The complexity is growing. If you first spend a few days doing simple tasks, then you notice that you are doing similar things with your eyes closed. All tasks are directly related to real programming practice. The theory here is minimal, because it is implied that all the necessary theoretical information the learner will draw from other resources. When checking a job, the mentor does not make any concessions and each task must always be completed; And this is another significant difference from independent study - you always do what you must. If during self-study any difficult topic for understanding came across, then I just avoided it, "I'll do it somehow without it." There is already no way out - therefore, everything that seemed complicated and incomprehensible, eventually was defeated. By the way, mkdev is also a value for money, considering that quite a bit of money was spent on passing two courses. At the very least, this is a very small fee for the experience gained during the training. I thank my direct mentor Anton and all those involved. I hope there will be another opportunity to learn.

Translated by Google - Show original Ruslan, 03/02/16

When I came to these courses, behind my back was about 6 attempts to start learning Rails on my own. To be honest, it's even drawn to the pricks, but rather to reprint the public guides. When I tried to move away from instructions, I immediately drowned in the sea of ​​information. Bultyhatsya in it without understanding what is significant, and what is not, very quickly bored and I threw the rails once again. A few months ago, it was decided to move away from the usual route and try learning at mkdev, and it helped! The format of the training was, I think, optimal. The emphasis goes to the practical part, and all the code is written independently. Mentor only indicates the direction in which it is worth looking for materials. This is enough to not be lost in the abundance of information and in the process to get the same experience that helps to separate the significant and insignificant. Well, if suddenly something does not work out, the mentor will very quickly help you figure it out. Probably, the process of learning on mkdev can be compared to learning to ride a bicycle. I do not know of cases when a person could learn to control a bicycle by watching a few videos with lessons, or if someone else would learn to ride it. Only practice and broken knees can teach to ride on this transport, exactly as practice will help to master Ruby on Rails.

Translated by Google - Show original Andrey Gaydukov, 08/11/15

The course on helped me expand the knowledge of Ruby on Rails. My mentor - Anton, answers quickly and in essence, sets the vector of thinking. The correct style of writing the code, given by the mentor, is now the standard for me. Passing the course helped me find a remote job, even with minimal experience in Rails.

Translated by Google - Show original Artem Baranov, 08/11/15
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