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We all want to be rich, right? And we all want to know how to succeed?

The secret is really simple ... Self-education is always good. But there are things that are much easier and more effective to get from a competent specialist in ready-made form than to think up to them yourself.

The most important thing at the mkdev courses is her team of mentors. The guys are really professionals in their field, they perfectly cope with the role of the mentor.

In mkdev courses, the main emphasis is on practice, but the theory is present in sufficient form. A theory without practice is simply dead. And after studying the practice without theory, sooner or later you will come across the fact that you do not have enough base, and you can not think up anything of your own.

Kirill never gave boredom. Found errors in those places where you can not seem to admit them anymore. And intelligibly conveyed all the information.

In the beginning, I very often turned to Kirill for explanations and advice. But over time, you begin to carry out the task more confidently and make fewer and fewer mistakes. The result of the courses was not long in coming and I received a proposal for Ruby on Rails developer, accordingly, the main goal of the courses was achieved. Kirill and the guys fellows.

Translated by Google - Show original Andrey Demidenko, 10/03/16

Absolute beginners would not recommend - tips are few enough, Google is not knowing what - pleasure is dubious and quickly annoying. To me, after three months of self-study, two months of online courses and a month of internship in the web studio, it was difficult in some places to understand what kind of result they want from me. Sometimes there was an impression that the mentor was surprised that I did not know something. Tightened the level of code and understanding of the structure of the Rails (very helped circuit) I learned about the existence of such services as CodeClimat, HoundCI. In general - thanks for the experience and for the knowledge, so far not all, but the application has found

Translated by Google - Show original Anton, 08/11/15

I've been doing RoR for about a year myself. I read various manuals and books. It was hard to take on something concrete, there was no approved training program. At one point, I came up with the idea of ​​finding suitable courses. When I studied the various proposals, I realized that the courses that are squeezed in a certain time frame of 2-3 months do not suit me. I wanted flexibility in time, I was not confident in my abilities enough to solve problems in a specific time frame. In addition, employment at work severely limited me. Occasionally in one of the VKontakte groups I came across a mention of the project and decided to try it. The limited time for the course, as it turned out, it immediately attracted me + a very (!) Democratic price for tuition. Classes with the mentor for me became something like a gym: once it came - be kind to train. And it worked. You are given a direction to which you 100% trust and know that you are moving in the right direction. Naturally, you will not chew all the tasks "on the shelves" in detail, then you have to strain your head. The reviewer code from the mentor also performs another task - you get used to criticism, and this can not be avoided if in the future you plan to work and most likely it will be the position of a junior developer. After 4 months of training, I got the position of a junior ruby ​​developer. The project that I did and kept on the GitHab played an important role in the interview. The employer sees your real code and understands that you are at least able to do something, even with a mentor, but this is a real project and you have a certain level of motivation for this. Conclusion: if you get lost in your searches or you want to change something in your life, then definitely choose - you will not regret it. The project is very progressive, as for me. New interesting articles appear regularly. Kirill great fellow, for what he gave me and all of us the opportunity to develop such a flexible and modern way. I wish you all success!

Translated by Google - Show original Kirill Skryabin, 08/11/15

Firstly, I want to thank Kirill for the excellent book "Self-Development of the Web Developer" and it was with her that I started the way in Rails. Before that, I had independently studied different technologies for two years, but the knowledge was disjointed and not structured. After reading the book, I did some time myself, then decided that the mentor would be faster and more efficient and did not regret it. Kirill not only perfectly explains the very theme of web development on Rails, but also introduces the process of working in a development team through Gitshab. It is possible to enumerate all the advantages of training with a good mentor for a long time, but I will highlight the main thing - the result, and the result is amazing, just a month after my beginning with the mentor, I found the job of junior developer Rails. Thanks to Kirill for this!

Translated by Google - Show original Sergey Kurochkin, 08/11/15

I started working on mkdev, with Kirill, having a relatively good programming experience (c ++ for university projects, a little R for working with data, layout), not to mention the big independent way in the RoR world (a couple of months, but then it seemed to me that Very much I know), plus up to RoR slightly php. By the time of the training, I already tried to write tests. Thanks to Kirill, I was able to structure the knowledge obtained earlier, to find new ones. Develop the habit of writing code correctly. Finally, I used git and github not just for myself, but also for working with another person. As a result, I mastered certain best practices, got acquainted with useful gems, Kirill always provides a large amount of third-party material in addition to his comments and consultations. It is worth noting that the process of writing code is entirely the student's responsibility, from Kirill you have only the task and comments on the implementation of this task. If there are difficulties - a hint in the form of an article, or other material, but you will write everything yourself, you need to be ready for this. Kirill grumbling (sorry, Kirill) and meticulous, so you have to work at full strength, no indulgence. It is also worth noting that Kirill is always available, responds quickly, sometimes I sent tasks to the review code at one in the morning, and two, and received an answer very quickly. In general, mkdev is an excellent opportunity to quickly download the development on the RoR and get feedback from an experienced developer!

Translated by Google - Show original Zhenya Pyankov, 08/11/15

Extremely grateful to Kirill for his teaching, instructions, advice and in general everything that a real mentor can give. I hardly belong to the number of his adequate students, so I can say with certainty that Kirill's patience is iron and the approach to learning is the same. And no matter how bad you are now (or think that it is bad), for after 1-2 months of this fascinating journey, you will become completely different. You will have the knowledge, self-confidence and in general everything that is necessary for the further professional path. Thanks for this!

Translated by Google - Show original Vitaliy Arnaut, 08/11/15

My acquaintance with Kirill began with the book "Self-Development of the Web Developer". The book caught me so much that I tried to retell it with my aspirations to my completely unaccustomed acquaintance. At that time I did not yet know that Kirill was taking disciples. And trying on the thesis from his book that before the search for a mentor you need to make the most of yourself - I could not even dream that very soon I will be able to address him with almost any question about the code. I am engaged in my own real project. Kirill is pedantically devoted to the cleanliness of the code and in the case of my project it's super-cool! Kirill is always available! This is practically the format of individual lessons. Sometimes it seems to me that he answers me faster than I do him)) Kirill does not give direct answers to complex questions, but always sends links to specific examples or screencasts. This is very helpful, in fact instruction on steps, and not just referring to docks. At the end of each stage, when you think that you have finally realized the feature, you asked all the questions and generally mega-good - you get Kirill code and understand how wrong they were! And all this for very reasonable money.

Translated by Google - Show original Ekaterina Shemerey, 08/11/15

The result of the patronage Kirill noticed me after 2 months. He received important in his work and study skills: immersion in the solution of the problem, control of emotions, a consistent and gradual solution of the problem. He helped form these skills simply and unobtrusively, explaining the nuances along the way. The advantage of such training can be assessed as the highest. At any time, I write a letter, in which I describe the problem, I bring my solutions and propose further development of the situation. After just a couple of hours comes an expanded answer and options. In my opinion, the most significant contribution from Kirill is learning the right style of writing code. Without a clean and understandable source code in an adequate team, there is a risk of getting your hands on it. Especially when cooperating with other specialists, you yourself will experience these problems by understanding in someone else's code. Despite your experience and knowledge of the language without a proper pattern, career development is doomed.

Translated by Google - Show original Yuriy Malov, 08/11/15

I began to study with Kirill from scratch. Some time prior to our acquaintance, I tried to study the web-programming on Ruby on Rails myself, but apart from the general concepts, none of those attempts failed. It's like with a foreign language - you can read, especially with the use of an online translator, but it's extremely difficult to compose even a very complex proposal. To practice this normally, only practice is needed. So it is in programming. Therefore, I was very satisfied with the proposal of Kirill and the format of his training. The training is as follows: Kirill sends the assignment and sources where you can see the necessary information, we are discussing everything, sometimes we are working on something to make the project as much as possible prone to the real. And after that I independently start to solve the problem. If there are questions, then I ask them the mentor. A big plus to Kirill for the manner of answers - he never answers directly, the maximum prompts the direction where to "dig". This increases the understanding and ability to find the right information on the network. Also, thanks to this, my knowledge of English improves)))) Because almost all the information on it, and you have to do requests on it, too))) It's still nice to watch the responsibility of my mentor - almost always he is in touch, and the answers to the questions are enough Quickly, despite the fact that he still works and has several students besides me. I also want to note the constant code review as you complete the tasks. In addition to checking the correctness and execution of the task, Kirill often introduces the best ways of solving tasks (newcomers do not know all the subtleties of Rails at once). And the most important feature of Kirill's mentoring is that he takes students almost at zero knowledge and helps to develop to a minimum of junior so that the student can get a job. But I am sure that even after that I will not stop studying with Kirill, I think he will be able to learn a lot even if he is at the middle level. Yes, and just nice to talk with an intelligent person)))

Translated by Google - Show original Aleksey Grischenko, 08/11/15

I learned about Kirill's mentoring at one of the development forums. This is exactly the format of training that suited me. Unlike Rails's study of books and articles, this format has a big plus - Kirill can tell whether the student is moving in the right direction or not, and give his recommendations on writing the right code, as well as assignments that are not detached from the real ones, so Most shortening the time for your training. All this gives a good start, lays the structured knowledge base on Rails.

Translated by Google - Show original Vladimir Fomin, 08/11/15
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