Dmitriy Galkin

Translated by Google - Show original Vladimir Tasnicenco, 24/05/18

Dmitry is customizable. =) The training mode and the method of interaction with it can be easily negotiated and arranged for yourself. He is involved in the student's learning process, the desire to help, share his experience, is open to discussing not only the objectives of the course, but also other issues related to professional activity and demonstrates an invariably responsible and thorough approach to his work - he always answers questions quickly enough, tasks, and he himself initiates offering assistance. I would also like to note that he is not only ready to explain the theory in case of difficulties, but he is also ready to share the so-called best practices, which already allows learning not only how to do this, but also how to do it well. I have not finished my course to the current moment, because it's FLASH! in the middle of training I found a job in my job (and now I have training in the process of work), but here it is worth noting Dmitry's participation, which helped in preparing for the interviews: helped assess the available knowledge, could suggest some frequently encountered issues in if necessary, to conduct a test interview, suggest which areas should still be tightened and even provide a kind of moral support to the worried early junior. =))) In general, the impressions are exceptionally positive, I express gratitude to Dmitry, and I recommend Dmitry as a mentor to the potential student who reads this.

Translated by Google - Show original Aleksandr Kibanov, 10/04/18

With Dmitriy I studied much more than two weeks, I tightened my knowledge in the field of Linux administration and automation, and in my work [networks with a bias in the enterprise and data centers] such skills are an additional good plus in karma and favorably distinguish me among other candidates, such knowledge not having. I was trained on MKDEV not for the first time, I knew what it is and this format suits me. Tasks are designed in such a way as to give the pupil an idea of ​​the system and to fill his hand on typical tasks, as well as to give an idea of ​​what DevOps means and why it is needed in the company.

Translated by Google - Show original Vladimir Fomin, 15/09/17

Impressions, in general, are only positive. I liked the training, the mentor was so sympathetic that sometimes I had an impression that he was spending all his time on me). The knowledge that I got was immediately applied to practice, and I think thanks to this knowledge, including, I got a fairly high-paying Work. The format of learning more than I liked, I would not change anything in it. So the training justified all my best expectations, for which I thank. Well, I plan to continue it as soon as possible.

Translated by Google - Show original Konstantin Shutkin, 12/07/17
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