Dmitriy Galkin

With Dmitriy I studied much more than two weeks, I tightened my knowledge in the field of Linux administration and automation, and in my work [networks with a bias in the enterprise and data centers] such skills are an additional good plus in karma and favorably distinguish me among other candidates, such knowledge not having. I was trained on MKDEV not for the first time, I knew what it is and this format suits me. Tasks are designed in such a way as to give the pupil an idea of ​​the system and to fill his hand on typical tasks, as well as to give an idea of ​​what DevOps means and why it is needed in the company.

Translated by Google - Show original Vladimir Fomin, 15/09/17

Impressions, in general, are only positive. I liked the training, the mentor was so sympathetic that sometimes I had an impression that he was spending all his time on me). The knowledge that I got was immediately applied to practice, and I think thanks to this knowledge, including, I got a fairly high-paying Work. The format of learning more than I liked, I would not change anything in it. So the training justified all my best expectations, for which I thank. Well, I plan to continue it as soon as possible.

Translated by Google - Show original Konstantin Shutkin, 12/07/17