Kirill Zonov

Translated by Google - Show original Valeriy Shved, 30/11/18

I'm surprised that no one has left any good reviews about the quality of Cyril's mentoring. It is necessary to eliminate this sad fact. A little bit about my experience as I try to change my profile from activity for the third time in my life. I'm a seasoned student, spent n-oe hours on mastering material on courses at, but, unfortunately, I never mastered the material in its entirety. All early still there were a significant number of topics that I could not understand or just too lazy to read the corresponding section in railsguide. The result, time is spent, and the result is not the one that was expecting. I study at Cyril from the end of 2017 and instead of the standard project we "saw" mine. I suppose the application will be complicated, at least for me. I mean, in addition to the server part, the user's React will also be implemented. The learning process takes place, at least smoothly and not tense as in courses. My questions or suggestions are given specific references and tips. Sometimes the given material seems not obvious, but after reading a couple of suggested articles and reviewing a couple of videos, how to write the code on yuotube everything falls into place. The review code is good, it checks everything and is timely enough. The main problems with my current code are related to the names and implementations of helper methods. Most of Cyril's comments on my pull request are related to the above problems. So it is often necessary to correct mistakes and shortcomings. I hope that the experience gained in programming under Kirill's guidance will help me, finally, find a job in a new specialty.

Translated by Google - Show original Evgeniy Makarihin, 25/01/18
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