Dmitriy Vasilets

I was engaged in Dmitry about 2-3 months quite actively. Then there were a few episodic subscriptions. I planned to train on January month, after taking a vacation (all January was free) and planned to go through a significant part (later I realized that this assessment was rough). Experience scala, big data stack I did not have any and java, too. I was attracted to the big data by the fact that in the description it was said that some contribution will be made to the open source application of the Spark application by the student himself. About the training itself. (At the time of the launch, he worked as a devotee, before that he had some experience working on ruby.) The training was quite complex, there were a lot of mistakes in various places, somewhere there was a lack of admin knowledge (unix), somewhere on the development, the ignorance of jvm Platform. During the training, a summary was made in English. It seems a trifle, and then I sent it so many times to every company, very good when it is ready in advance. We also managed to participate in the development of the tool for correcting dates in the scala documentation, in the official repository and it was a very cool experience, because the scala knowledge was slightly more than zero. Correspondence, etc. - all it was necessary to conduct in English. I also had to configure openvpn (route, iptables, tcpdump, etc.), install kvm virtualization on a clean server to deploy the wizard and the agent of the node ambari. But this is my additional wish, it is not in the mandatory program. The main difficulty for me was that I could not read the source code of any hadoop or spark, I almost understood what was happening, but it was only "about". Dmitry always gave a lot of different sources for various questions (only the time you need to find to see everything), answered promptly and explained. After the courses, there were several interviews with European companies. Still, it was decided to additionally engage in written English, as the correspondence for the recourse and the employers was heavily negotiated. As a result, I passed a technical interview in EPAM with relocation to Prague for devops engineer, but later they had some kind of hitch and I already settled in another place in my city. Now I'm a Big Data developer, currently a java project. The used stack is hive, java, scala / spark, pig, somebody has to poke with oracle / psql yet. Based on the results I can say the following, investing money in my training is one of the best investments I've made in the past few years and I'm very grateful to mkdev, Dmitry and Kirill (I also studied for him) for the knowledge I got here. I saw a lot of programming courses and mkdev was not the very first for me, so I have something to compare with. And there was a time when I was trying to do something on the books myself, etc., now I know that the effectiveness of this "self-reading" is quite low (but it still is of course). Now I plan to gain a confident form in java and scala and it is quite possible that I will come back here again to pump my skill. Many thanks! =) Hooray cheers! =)

Translated by Google - Show original Aleksandr, 06/05/17

A strict, demanding mentor. Helps to deal with absolutely all emerging issues, regardless of whether they are concerned with the course material or not. You do not learn any set of tools (with beautiful logos that can be pasted on a macbook), you learn how to be an engineer - learn to understand how technologies work, learn how to combine them, learn how to find effective solutions for different tasks. To be a disciple to him is a great luck if you want to learn. With his help he got a job in an interesting Berlin start-up

Translated by Google - Show original Evgeniy Prohorenko, 25/04/16
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