Ivan Takarlikov

Translated by Google - Show original Daniil A, 11/08/18

I agree with the other students: it's very easy to communicate with Ivan. He quickly makes a code review (in English), always reveals places where you are too lazy and did not finish something or did not do it beautifully enough (I especially often had it when writing tests). Mentor made for me a development program, consisting of 3 stages. And I'm going to follow this program in the near future to become Junior Rails Developer. mkdev - the project is definitely cool, thank you guys for the work!

Translated by Google - Show original Amir Hasanov, 20/01/18

I passed with Ivan first year and started the second (for adults), in total at the moment I studied for 2 months and continue to study. Although I'm not a very capable pupil, Ivan really managed to explain the difficult moments very intelligibly and simply. Mentor is very meticulous about the independent search for errors by the student - although sometimes it was very much like to simply get an answer and move on, Ivan "forced" to finish everything on his own and never reported exactly how to do it - only pushed in the right direction. Thanks to this approach, while spending time over Google, you really learn how to solve problems independently, because in the real world there will not be a mentor who will tell you what to do. I also liked that with Ivan you can communicate very directly and simply - the absence of any barriers to communication helps you learn. When I first came to mkdev, with the first mentor, it was sometimes difficult for me to ask a question, to appeal once again - it seemed that I was asking too stupid questions and so on. With Ivan this was not :) And in organizational moments, we also quite quickly managed to reach agreement, decide on the workers / days off and time code reviews. Ivan always responded promptly, and if he could not, he also informed about this when he answered. As a result, now I'm doing an internship as a rails developer in a small company and I continue to study with Ivan, as there are still many questions. Thank you for his professionalism and responsiveness!

Translated by Google - Show original Darya Bondarenko, 05/11/17

Finished with Ivan the first "quest". With Ivan it is easy to communicate, he answers operatively. Although I tried to do the tasks myself, sometimes there were problems that could not be solved, then the mentor came to the rescue. The solutions were sought jointly. I recommend Ivan as a good coach! Advice for people who want to study with a mentor on mkdev: learn to squeeze questions, perhaps not concerning the course, about the profession, programming. Mentor is a busy person who will not tell himself, so pull him yourself. All the best!

Translated by Google - Show original Ivan Tkachev, 28/09/17

On mkdev all the mentors are good. I tried a few. Each mentor will teach you new knowledge in Ruby on Rails. I'm very thankful to Ivan for teaching me to debug the code using jazz_fingers. He put me on JS in the middle of training, although at the rate he appears only at the end. If you blunt and the search for stackoverflow does not help you, it will always understand your problem and prompt you. Dear future or current developers front, back-end and mobile, etc. Mentoring is the most effective training at the moment. I did not know anything about web development, but I was always interested in how and what works. In addition, I do not want to spend my whole life in the office, I have ideas that I want to implement myself. And when they start to generate income, I will quit the office and work for myself. So I went to learn mkdev. Within 3 months I was able to make simple sites with authorization through the social network and storage of data on Amazon servers. At the same time I worked during the day, in the evening and on weekends I studied. Why did I choose mkdev compared to others (schools, courses, etc.)? 1) on mkdev real tasks, decisions on which you can immediately use in their projects. You will not make a type of TODO sheet, or a game of gallows like in some schools. You immediately immerse yourself in specific tasks that are needed in the real world (bootstrap, authorization, work with the database, etc.) 2) mkdev can be paid for by weeks-months. It's very convenient. It is problematic for me to pull out 50,000 rubles immediately for a full course of study, as in other schools. 3) The payment for study, encourages you to do everything faster and do not score for studies. Do you still think ?! Do not waste time, learn to learn, would know that there is such a training format, I would have started even earlier. Thanks to all!

Translated by Google - Show original Dmitriy Vernikovskiy, 13/07/17

Since MKDEV reformatted the training from the courses to the specialization, and so it coincided that in my plans was the study of the fullstack of web development for Rais, Ivan Takarlikov approached me as a mentor at 100%. Ivan immediately invited me to study new technologies and apply them in my project. During my training with Ivan, I never regretted my choice. He is a professional in his field, an intelligent, responsible and attentive mentor. His answers to questions and explanations of incomprehensible topics at a very high level, intelligible, understandable - take and do. In addition to the technology, the company develops the culture of teamwork, and the work on my project is organized in a backtracker. Still, what surprised and pleasantly surprised - the code review in English, for me it was also important, the ability to express their thoughts in English. I hope Ivan will help me become a high-class specialist, as he himself is. I highly recommend to study with Ivan Takarlikov, he will open for you new facets of the mastery of Web development. I continue to learn from this wonderful person, my mentor Ivan Takarlikov!

Translated by Google - Show original Sergey Dmitrakov, 12/07/17
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