Victor Shepelev

I studied with Victor for two months. Language taught from scratch, before that there was little experience in layout. A lot of questions arose on the way to solving the tasks posed, to which Victor responded very quickly. Sometimes the answers were direct, sometimes there were tips where to look. The code (even the worker) had to be rewritten 2-4-6 times)) but it was not nit-picking. From the huge canvas that consumed all the memory and was absolutely unreadable, it turned out beautiful, clearly structured code, in which later not only its author could understand. I can not say anything bad about teaching. How to finish the training on the rails, I will continue cooperation.

Translated by Google - Show original Kirill Baranenkov, 12/06/18

Victor is an excellent mentor. I came with a certain experience, but some gaps in understanding Ruby, in how it is better to cook and think. With the help of Victor and the tasks of a cunning mentor;) I have become clearer and more understandable in writing my code and faster unravel and understand someone else's. Correctly write people when they say that where everything seems to be good Victor can find how to do even better. At the same time, he makes mistakes, stuff his bumps and reach his mind, but with his help you will do it faster and with the best result. Do not regard the course as a panacea for all ills, you should study additional material yourself, and the mentor will help to multiply the result, answer questions that are kind of clear, but something does not fit in your head - 10 minutes and the knot is untangled, the world is safe and everyone is happy. In fact, it's not always clear how exactly this works :) but it works - a fact. You should know for yourself why you are going and what you want from work and training and Victor will help you in this very well.

Translated by Google - Show original Maxim Kernozhickii, 29/01/18

Victor is correct, persistent, literate, has a healthy perfectionism, always in touch, never postpones current issues, producing the impression of a dedicated and enthusiastic person.

Translated by Google - Show original Iliya V. Soldatkin, 08/11/17

I signed up for training with Victor, already having experience of using Rails and working on this specialty. The reason - the desire to more thoroughly understand the very Ruby, improve their knowledge of how to apply those or other features of the language. Therefore, the first tasks seemed simple, they were performed quite quickly. But approximately from the middle of the course I had to strain up - while reading the list of requirements for the next assignment, I could not always immediately imagine how to implement it. I had to read the documentation, google, experiment in the console - in this, of course, there is nothing terrible, quite common for the programmer things :-) But I want to emphasize that I had to break my head. I think this course is useful not only for beginners, but also for those who already work with Ruby for some time and want to improve their skills. Victor, as a mentor, showed himself on the best side: he answered questions quickly, strictly followed the code review, pushed me to search for the simplest and concise solutions covering all possible situations. In general, I got exactly what I wanted: improved my language skills and practiced on non-trivial tasks. For which I want to thank both Victor and the guys who created

Translated by Google - Show original Evgeniy Esaulkov, 02/08/17

I write this review a year and a half since I finished the course of Victor. I came with a little experience with the rail (about 2 months). In fact, I was the customizer of the framework, without any special ideas about the ruby. Thanks to his course, I actually came to a new level, the magic in the rail became much smaller and I really loved the ruby ​​and its entire ecosystem. Since then, very much has changed. I already had time to work with different technologies, projects, loads, change several places of work, create a few not very popular gems and make pull requests in much more popular repositories. But according to my personal feelings, for all my time with rubies, I never did such a qualitative leap in skills, as during the course of the course from Victor. I recommend this course to everyone: and those who want to start working with the rails (without a clean ruby, the juna can not go any further), and to those few who understand that the ruby ​​is fine by itself, and even those who do not know anything about programming and pokes A finger in the sky - you will like it. In any case, thanks to the huge Victor for everything - it was a cool course, which in many ways predetermined my future :)

Translated by Google - Show original Dima Topornin, 19/07/17

Victor aroused in me the love of programming in the command line. The class level, more than enough paid me time. Since then I can boast of a working project at my GIT. Very qualitative analysis of the code, provoked me to spend up to 4 hours a day, although at first I planned 1-2 hours. It was really interesting and very useful.

Translated by Google - Show original Evgeniy Lopatin, 13/07/17

The best of mentors, and whom I will always consider my first and best teacher, who taught me programming is Viktor Shepelev. This person is just a treasure, you can tell the teacher with a capital letter. He is a Master, a professional in his field, clever, intelligent, balanced and patient, with a creative approach to any task. An excellent, deeply thought out c set of tips for the course "Fundamentals of Ruby". The magnificent style of teaching Shepeleva allowed not only to understand complex and abstract things, but the impression was created that you yourself without his help figured out the topic. His leading questions simply did not leave me a chance not to understand. And what impressed him was his constant presence next door, whenever you asked a question and faced a problem, he always answered at once, you can say instantly. He taught me the basics of programming, how to read the code and documentation, how to debug the code and write the documentation. He showed me the beauty of the Ruby language, he instilled in me good skills of searching and solving problems. Many thanks to him for his knowledge! Super mentor, super course!

Translated by Google - Show original Sergey Dmitrakov, 13/07/17

I've been working with Victor for 2 months, for me, the information is very valuable, I always try to figure it out myself, but there are questions that Google does not answer, as in the case of rspec (I have everything sad there) I came out with an algorithm like this: > Answer-> analysis-> code and so on the cycle, the answer was not always clear and then Victor explained in more detail. About effectiveness, I previously read a couple of books on ruby ​​and passed a free course on codeacademy, but in fact it was not all so trivial as there, about refactoring I generally keep quiet, at first in my head was "yes where is better?", And then You look after a dozen commits and you understand why it was necessary. The answers from Victor were every day (even on Saturday late in the evening, o_O), but since we had a 4+ hour difference in time, it was sometimes uncomfortable, either you ask the question too early, or you get an answer too late. In general, the format of the training (like the mentor) I really liked, since I work after work and I spend 2-3 hours on it :)

Translated by Google - Show original Dmitriy Shevchenko, 09/06/17

I studied under the strict mentoring of Victor for 2.5 months. Impressions of immersion in Ruby a lot: interesting, difficult, interesting again, at times fun, always fruitful. I regret that I did not meet such a mentor, somewhere in the area of ​​study at the university. Inspiring, attentive, ready to support, but always directing "to grow above themselves." Accustoms to think, not to search for ready answers (they can not be), but to think and find a solution on their own. Very quickly answered. I somehow lost my habit in life from the fact that such things happen "you ask and you are almost immediately answered") The course itself is well-developed, very dense. It is visible how much power and knowledge a person has invested in order to make it really a basis. So that you have a foundation on which you can build a house called "I'm a programmer." In addition, Victor continues to improve this course. Ruby - cool, expressive in its brevity, deserves special attention language. Those. It is worth digging into it, and not just "ruby is something on which the rails are written." All the resources (time, effort, money) that invested in training, in my opinion, are invested more than reasonably. I sincerely recommend Victor, let you have the strength and courage to reach the end!

Translated by Google - Show original Natalya Maksimenko, 28/05/17

She knows Ruby not only from the outside, but also from the inside. At the source code level in the C language. It's impressive. I will never reach such depth of knowledge. This is distressing. Will learn...

Translated by Google - Show original Pyotr Hilenko, 15/04/17

It was cool! Despite the fact that the ruby ​​I have been writing for more than a year, I discovered a lot of new things, and I even had to sweat on some tasks)

Translated by Google - Show original Andrey Aleksandrov, 13/02/17

All very pleased, the course is excellent, the format with mentoring - also better not think of. In mid-March, went on vacation, flew to Novosib, rented an apartment, cut off communication and just two months learned ruby ​​how he could, so to speak with his head dived into it. And you know, if your studies were a mura, it would be very annoying to spend your vacation so much, but it turned out that you have a level, the experts are really versed. In general, I tried and did not regret it. I learned a lot of new things, very much. And here are the first six lectures were, you know, "such norms", well, that is, with plugs, with some corrections, but in general, nothing terrible. But the last five lectures (starting with functional programming) - this is generally a bearing, tin, you are thrown from side to corner like a rag, every day a ton of information. And even now, when it seems like a course has passed, I sit quietly reading a book of Matsumoto about these same topics. I notice progress. Even if you remember, two months ago I told you that group_by is a complicated thing, and reduce - in general. Now you look and funny))) It's like in philosophy draw a circle - what do you know, and behind the circle - what you do not know. And the larger the circle, the more you know, there's more of a border with what you do not know. So after the course there is still more to understand, than before it. I think I'll go home home, do a little bit of work and pick up the rails, I need to go on. I still can not miss such a moment - your project is constantly evolving, while you were studying I'm already looking at the frontend to start teaching, the devopes are on the way (both are interesting, I'll probably try too, but not now), the exchange rate was renewed, the survey was on mobile phones. Straight live everything you have, all here you can not sit still))) There was not enough only one for the whole training time - some second such dunce as me to put him in an apartment and that we could solve tasks together, communicate in Work process, argue, help each other. But this is the problem of the student. Just somewhere in the US / Europe there is such a practice with camps, when they recruit a group for three months and they live together and code 12 hours a day in groups. But there it is expensive, but in mkdev more than acceptable. Victor, thank you very much, I really enjoyed it! I hope with other mentors, cooperation will be just as comfortable.

Translated by Google - Show original Ilya, 11/05/16

I decided to start studying Rails. On the advice of a mentor who answered my questionnaire, he enrolled in Ruby's course for Victor. And he did not regret it at all. Having completed the course, I received an excellent basis for further study of Rails. Victor is an excellent mentor. Always answered questions quickly. If something was not clear, always gave directions for finding solutions. He can properly motivate, spur when necessary. The course and the format of training for Mkdev I really liked. There is not what is on most programming courses, all kinds of Hello, World. Only what is necessary for learning and understanding the language. From the first job you dive into reading the documentation. And when Victor praises you in the comments to the task, it is very motivating not to stop at what has been achieved. Thanks to Victor and the team Mkdev.

Translated by Google - Show original Aleksandr Ulizko, 11/05/16

I repeatedly tried to teach myself rails, but I realized that without knowledge of ruby ​​I will not be comfortable. I found, and the course on the rails, but as it turned out I was not able to create any simple application on ruby. By a lucky chance, a couple of days later a new course appeared, just for people like me. And since I decided to master programming, the course "Ruby programming fundamentals" was for me just right. And I was not mistaken. The entire course is "in the fields". Those. You are given a task, a small set of links with guides and freedom of action. This is an excellent method of teaching. I think that only in this way you can learn something new. And this applies not only to programming. Victor constantly cheers and motivates, but does not allow to relax throughout the course. If something was not clear, then he was always ready to explain it. Yes, so that later there were no more questions. Tasks can be performed at any time. Despite the difference of 7 hours, the mentor answered promptly and was always deployed. Many thanks for the course!

Translated by Google - Show original Vsevolod, 01/03/16

Victor is an excellent mentor, he quickly answers all the questions and is not lazy to repeat the same thing, if indeed it is necessary. I liked the course very much, I got great pleasure from solving the tasks. At first I thought that I would quickly go through the course and go to the rails, but I was very stuck on a task where I had to write tests - rspec was not easy for me. Very pleased with the expressiveness of the language, many things can be written in one readable line. I'm already actively using the language in small scripts, I hope the matter does not end there. In general, everything is cool, thank you!

Translated by Google - Show original Aleksey, 25/01/16
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