What is mentorship?

Stat veb razrabotchikom

Imagine, you have your own personal Google, who answers all your questions only with most relevant and useful links without any additional filtration and surfing. He prompts what to learn and in which order; he checks if you do everything correctly; he pokes you with a motivation stick; herewith he does not rate you and does not call your parents into principal’s office. This is Mentor.

It is impossible to overestimate the advantages of the presence of a mentor in any professional development. It is more than just a close companionship and advices from the one who already achieved a lot on a trip which you are only about to take. It is your confidence that you are doing everything right and studying only essentials and not wasting your time for futile stuff which you never will use in a real life.

How the training with mentor is arranged?

Nastavnik po veb razrabotke

Right off the bat!

First things first, no more boring and out of touch with the realities tasks. Only intensive practice and the development of the skills necessary for employment.

Only practice!

All quests are built around the series of practical tasks which lead you from a total (maybe not?) blank to a full working application which you may show to your employer or friends.

At your pace!

We do not define your limits. You have a time to complete five tasks per day? Go ahead, do it! Can not find a minute in a whole week to accomplish single task? Worry not, friend, for we know methods how to shame you and motivate!

Everyone is capable!

You may start your training right away. Regardless of your current experience, your education, gender or age, we will show you the best way of development and learning. If you not sure how to start then sign up for a free guide to the web development. Also, you may ask any question, and we will help you to choose a mentor to train with.

How much the mentorship costs?

In fact we do not sell quests. We sell mentorship. A quest without mentor is just a study sheet without a teacher. By paying the mentor’s job you gain access to all his quests. The way of our mentorship as well the mentor’s response time and the quality of a code review has no parallels.


The cost of training depends on a monthly rate of a mentor which teaches you. To start training with mentor you have to enroll and pay subscription.


It is possible to subscribe for a longer period than one month. But the cost of the entire subscription period will be calculated at the rate of a monthly subscription. The payment is carried out through the Account page after registration.

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