Who is a mentor and what's the study process on mkdev?

Who is a mentor?

Imagine that you have your own personal and trusted adviser who knows your professional goal, how to achieve it, what needs to be done and what mistakes can be avoided on the way. This adviser gives you some tips about the order of the actions, controls that you do the right thing the right way and makes you burn the midnight oil learning. So this is a Mentor.

Mentors have already gone far in programming and now they can give you some guidance. With their help you will be on the right track, learning things useful in development and not wasting your time on something you’ll never use again.

Before you begin

Your learning at mkdev is made-to-measure, there’s no time limit and you can learn everything you’d like to. %{href} is tailored and based on your needs only. Before starting your studies, think a little and decide what your main goal is.

What kind of goals might there be? Well, let’s see:

Get the gist of a new technology

Find a job abroad

Make an app and launch it

Prepare for a job interview

Get a promotion

If you don’t have a specific goal yet, drop us a line, we’ll help you to define it. This will jump-start you learning with a mentor.

Your email

Talking to you will allow us to find you the most suitable mentor, who will let you reach your goal in the best way possible. We will also answer all the questions about the mentors and the mentorship in general.

You can talk to us at any time

Our answer to any question will be as detailed as possible

In the beginning

1. You and your mentor agree upon a schedule

After you’ve paid, you and your mentor together decide at what time, how often and in what manner you’re going to communicate. We don’t have any strict rules considering that, but your mentor will provide you with the tools for the effective professional communication and show how to use them.

After that the mentor starts your subscription and your learning begins.

2. You and your mentor set the main goal of your studies

This stage is crucial. Understanding of your goal allows to plan your learning process properly. When you and your mentor both can see it clearly, everything is easier for you. At this stage you elaborate on what you want to achieve, and the mentor sums it up and defines your main goal.

3. Your mentor draws up a personalized learning plan

Your personalized learning plan is practically a plan of achieving your set goal. It may include learning a specific programming language, a technology (or even a technology stack), writing an app, building your portfolio, preparing for your first job interviews as a programmer, finding a job, career growth…and whatnot. Your learning plan depends entirely on your goal.

You can always see your plan, even if your subscription is over, so you will always know what to learn next.

Your plan is always available on your profile page


Since the mentorship is completely individual, the whole process is non-linear and unique for each student. We have no clue what exactly you’re going to learn, but there are some key aspects which constitute the learning process.

Practical training

Depending on what your program includes, you’re going to receive different practical tasks from your mentor. They mostly will be about writing the code for some app or several apps, which might be put later in your portfolio.

If you already have your own project or app, the learning process might revolve around them. So you’re going to study while developing your project.

You will be able to get the assignments right on the website

You’re going to work in a real environment from the very first day

Answers to the questions

You’re going to ask a lot of stuff, and the mentor is going to answer. But before everything else, you will be taught to search for the answers on your own. You will also find out how to work with docs, how to google properly, how to put the right questions to get the right answers. Those are the skills with which you’ll manage to get anything done single-handedly.


The mentors don’t only check if your task is done properly. They are interested in your success no less than you, so they’re going to motivate you with carrot and stick and make you work by all means, as if you were working together on a shared project. If you lack self-motivation, the mentor will find a stick big enough for you :)

Life hacks

Knowing how to code and understand it is just a fraction of a programmer’s work. That’s why your mentor will teach you whatever it takes to become a real up-and-comer: how to look for a job, how to communicate with a client, how to plan your time and organize your working place.


The mentors’ top priority is to teach you how to do everything without them. When you’re able to plan your own growth, find desired answers, read documentation and solve problems quickly without outside help, we might say that your studies are done.

Do you have any other questions about mentors and mentorship? If not, then let’s get started!

Choose a mentor

A little FAQ



How many hours or lessons are included in the training week?

As much as you need!

You receive as much mentor's attention as you need in the days you've paid for. Each student has own pace. After signing up, you will discuss an individual contact schedule with the mentor, and you will always be to reach your mentor when you need help. Some students find it more convenient to study only in the evenings, others are ready to work from morning till night. In fact, mentors answer questions and make code reviews all day, so that you will always find what to study and what to do.



Can I work on my own project with a mentor?

Of course!

The tasks you’re given are not just the separate ones, they come together to form a whole project. By default it’s a task to make an app from your mentor. But if you have your own ideas, we’re cool with that. After you’ve signed up, you can discuss your goals with your mentor and mention that you have a project idea. In that case, your learning program will be based on that.

It may be that you had started working on your project before you signed up for learning on mkdev. Don’t worry! Your mentor will help you to finish it properly. Perhaps it’ll have to be rewritten from scratch; perhaps you’ll need to change the technology stack. The mentor will show you what’s better. Try not to argue a lot and just trust an expert. That’s what you pay for, you know :)



Can I bring the assignments I’ve given at work to my mentor?

Of course!

You can if such assignments are within your mentor’s competence. You can discuss them together and the mentor will show you the solution to the problem immediately and suggest you the topics you need to work on, so you can complete similar tasks single-handedly in future. But you should know that the mentor is not your personal multi-purpose guide and is not going to solve all the problems for you (if you need that type of service, we have consultations.) The aim of the mentorship is to teach you to solve them by yourself.

By the way, don’t forget about an NDA, if you want to share some project from your work with us.

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