Programming Ruby

Mentors with specialization Programming Ruby with whom you can remotely learn the programming of an individual program

  • Victor Shepelev

    Victor shepelev

    Reviews: 11

    Passionate Ruby programmer for more than ten years. Can teach from the very beginning, or help junior/middle programmers in mastering the excellence.

    • ruby
    • rspec
    • opensource
    • open data
    • code quality
    • sinatra
    • backend
  • Stac Mehonoshin

    Stanislav mekhonoshin

    Reviews: 0

    Ruby world is not limited by Rails. Alternative frameworks, microservices, DSL - you can enrich your own toolkit with them, and I'll help you not to be lost in a variety of technologies.

    • go
    • elixir
    • docker
    • ansible
    • rails
    • ruby
    • microservices
    • oop
    No spots
  • Kirill Shirinkin

    Kirill shirinkin

    Reviews: 10

    I'm writing Ruby code for more than 7 years: web-applications on Rails, gems, scripts, Chef cookbooks and Puppet modules and many other things. And I can teach you all of these.

    • ruby
    • ruby on rails
    • chef
    • ansible
    • puppet
    • terraform
    • aws
    • docker
    • openstack
    • go
    • ci
    • cd
    • jenkins
    • kubernetes
    • linux
    • devops
    • infrastructure
    • git
    • bash
    No spots
  • Ivan Shamatov

    Ivan shamatov 2 2

    Reviews: 14

    Rails? or may be Hanami? or Sinatra? or Padrino? Whatever you like. I can teach you any framework written on Ruby. More than that, maybe you wish to build you own framework? Can do that too

    • ruby on rails
    • git
    • vue.js
    • ruby
    • jruby
    • concurrency
    • postgres
    • mongodb
    • elasticsearch
    • trailblazer
    • gems
    • chef
    • ci
    • payments
    • architecture
    • prototyping
    • rails
    No spots
What's the difference between self-education and mentoring?

It may be not so easy to select the necessary material and guess in what order and how much you need to learn to achieve the desired result, it is not easy. We are not saying that it's not possible, actually, we have walked this path ourselves. But in this case you will have to learn from your own mistakes trying to navigate in the dark, while your mentor will start with set the direction and give you some essential info to read. You will start learning and practicing exactly what you need. And you will keep doing it throughout the training. The difference is like between training in the gym with a personal trainer and doing it all by yourself.

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