Mentors with specialization Web-applications on React. Hire a personal tutor to learn programming remotely with a personalized study plan.

  • Artyom Hrulkov

    Reviews: 0

    I'll reveal all the secrets of React. I'll explain and help with features of library, show you the differences from other frameworks. I'll tell you about my experience with MobX and Redux.

    • javascript
    • html
    • scss
    • css
    • webpack
    • react.js
    • react-native
    • frontend
    • git
    • babel
    • typescript
    • mobx
    • web-development
    • angular.js
    • redux
    • sass
    • jquery
    • knockout
  • Aleksandr Soloviev

    Reviews: 7

    Hey! I will put all my efforts to help you learn on practice how to start building real-world apps step-by-step from scratch using React/Redux stack.

    • redux
    • scss
    • es6
    • css
    • react
    • react.js
    • redux.js
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What does the learning process on mkdev look like?

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How many hours per week will a mentor communicate with me?

The primary task of the mentor is to teach you self-reliance. Mentor will not so much answer questions as teach you to look for answers. So don't wait for the mentor to tell you the theory for a few hours. But he will give you as much time as you need.

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