Mentors with specialization Programming in Python. Hire a personal tutor to learn programming remotely with a personalized study plan.

    Dmitriy Galkin

    Reviews: 4

    Will tech you Python and good practices. PEP, PyPi, Gil, PyLint, Cython, tox, virtualenv won't be foreign words for you any longer. Will also demonstrate how to contribute to Open-source.

    • theforeman
    • python
    • openstack
    • puppet
    • jenkins
    • bash
    • ruby
    • vagrant
    • docker
    • saltstack
    • ansible
    • haproxy
    • nginx
    • linux
    • libvirt
    • pacemaker
    • mysql
    • galera
    • kubernetes
    • cloud

    Mihail Borodin

    Reviews: 1

    From syntax and basic constructs to object-oriented programming. We will touch on functional programming and study popular libraries for data analysis.

    • python
    • django
    • javascript
    • go
    • vue.js
    • architecture
    • web-development
    • aws
    • microservices
    • базы данных

    Rich Steinmetz

    Reviews: 0

    I've been using Python for several years in professional, personal & university projects. There I have been building web applications, data engineering pipelines & simple ML models.

    • fullstack
    • web app
    • aws
    • bootstrap
    • python
    • javascript
    • node
    • data engineering
    • serverless
    • ruby
    • ruby on rails
    • git
    • github
    • react.js

    Kenneth Nwafor

    Reviews: 3

    I use Python in different areas - from simple automation to web development and data analysis. We can start from scratch or study a separate part in detail depending on your needs

    • python
    • django
    • rest-api
    • celery
    • django-rest
    • web api
    • architecture
    • machine learning
    • data science

    Vladimir Baskakov

    Reviews: 1

    I use python in day to a day job for 4 years and I can help with solving particular issues, discuss the pros and cons of this language, choose right libraries according to your needs

    • aws
    • python
    • cloud
    • architecture
    • algorithms
    • rest api
    • mongodb
    • agile
    • scrum
    • concurrency
    • рефакторинг
    • ubuntu
    • microservices
    • code organization
    • docker
    • coroutines
    • backend
    • best practices

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How many hours per week will a mentor communicate with me?

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