Anton Cherepanov

I'm Full-Stack Engineer. While learning you could face a number of challenges. I help you to grow and learn, finding the best and fastest solution for that. To keep healthy relationships is my primary goal.
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Price per week: €100.00
Time zone: GMT +3

Core skills

  • ruby on rails
  • git
  • code quality
  • backend
  • ruby
  • javascript
  • redux
  • postgresql
  • ansible
  • aws
  • webpack
  • ci
  • react.js
  • node.js
  • npm
  • es6
  • rspec
  • codeclimate
  • travis


  • Web-applications on Ruby on Rails

    I'll introduce you to Rails. You will gain confidence and knowledge, which will be enough to create your own project, and if this is not enough, We'll deep into the React ecosystem.

  • Programming Ruby

    Introduce you to programming on Ruby and give you reliable foundation for further professional education and a carrier as a software engineer.

Education with a mentor

Education begins with setting a goal and drawing up an individual program. Read more about it, how the educational process works >


Young, initiative and ambitious Full Stack developer, working in Mentor, successfully trained several dozen students who subsequently found work. I am constantly learning something new that's why I try to be on the cutting edge of technology. Besides I have communication skills and I have a ability to handle pressure and meet deadlines.

I'd worked in Germany / Berlin, in on supporting, expanding and automating the infrastructure.

Favorite stack of technologies ❤️

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Node, JavaScript, React, Redux
PostgreSQL, Elastic, AWS, Ansible

Active participant and assistant in the organization RailsClub.

In love with learning foreign languages ​​and traveling.

More info on, LinkedIn and Github

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