In the last lesson of our Argo CD Lightning Course we are going to learn how to deploy new changes, as well as reconcile the infrastructure with the state in git - and limit this automation to a sync window.

Illustration of a smiling octopus in a duck float and a person lounging on a water raft in a swimming pool.

Rapid introduction into Terraform and Infrastructure as Code. You will learn how to use Terraform to manage multi-cloud environments, starting with most basic concepts and going to complex setups closer to the end.

In the third lesson of our Argo CD Lightning Course we are finally going to deploy the application, by first placing it in a project!

Leo talks about the benefits of asking really dumb questions. Also inside:
• Implementing (soft) data contracts for Terraform stacks.
• Open Source serverless Terraform Registry.
• Multiple Terraform projects in a mono-repo. How to survive a mess?
• Reducing our AWS bill by $100,000.
• Alerts Are Fundamentally Messy.

DevOps Accents, episode 30

In this episode of DevOps Accents, Pablo, Leo, and Kirill discuss Twitter's changes, Apple's Vision Pro impact, VR's future role, and tech dependency.