In episode 39 of DevOps Accents, Leo talks to Hanson Ho, Android Architect at Embrace, about OpenTelemetry and distinctive problems from the world of Observability in Mobile. Tune in for a unique professional insight into a niche speciality that at the same time is relevant for all of us.

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Part 2 of Paul Larsen's series dives into the mechanics of relational and vector databases for AI. Discover how combining these tools enhances data retrieval, linking theory to practical solutions for business applications.

Aprenderás como las empresas usan los contenedores, Docker, docker-compose, Docker Swarm, Podam, Buildah, firecracker...

Leo talks about his experiences at a recent FinTech conference. Also inside:
• Building a GitOps CI/CD Pipeline with GitHub Actions.
• The Economics of Writing Technical Books.
• Terrascan Walkthrough.
• How reliability differs between monolithic and microservice-based architectures.
• Children of the Magenta.

DevOps Accents, episode 38

Why is Google becoming a summary tool? Should you glue your cheese? What future does local AI on device bring? As soon as Kirill has left the building for a week, Pablo and Leo talk AI for 40 minutes: GPT-4o, Gemini and Microsoft Build conference.