Our clients trust our experience to get results. Here are some of the case studies of what we did for them and stories of how our collaborations evolved from the initial contact through to the implemented solutions. In every case study you'll find who the client was and what was the challenge their project provided, everything about the solution process and who were the mkdev experts responsible for it.

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Trimming KIWI’s Cloud Costs: Uncovering Savings in AWS

KIWI technology digitally opens doors and gates for you. The company is a market leader in Germany for housing associations. KIWI was faced with an ever-growing monthly AWS bill. In order to tame the cloud costs, KIWI reached out to mkdev


How to right-choose a critical tech without the right expertise level

Allianz Direct sees itself as a technology company with an insurance license. Behind Allianz Direct’s online insurance product is a Cloud Native, Kubernetes-based platform, that needs to meet the product’s demand


Building a solid foundation with serverless Kubernetes and infrastructure as code

Archive reached out to mkdev and from the start, it was clear, that the business will grow a lot, and this growth needs to be met by the underlying cloud infrastructure


Growing an engineering team without hiring

A custom software development company approached mkdev with a request for training. We figured that one-size-fits-all solutions won’t be suitable and decided to try a more personalised approach