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We are here to boost your productivity, reduce cloud costs and complexity, and enhance your standing as a true tech leader. We do it with Cloud Native technologies*, deep Automation and the DevOps spirit. Let's have a call.
* AWS, GCP, OpenShift/Kubernetes, GitOps, Containers, CI/CD, Serverless, Microservices, you know the drill.

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We partner with you, not with the Big Tech

For many years, we have maintained a relationship of trust with our partners and provide them with a consistently high level of quality in our solutions. Each partner is unique to us, withits own story of how our relationship grew. But no matter how long we`ve know each other, or if we`re just getting to know each other, we value the same things that motivate you.

  • You learn as we go

    We strive to ensure that our solutions not only meet the immediate needs of your application or business, but also lay a solid foundation for your growth. That`s why each of our solutions is built to be understandable and so you can learn from the example.

  • We are rooting for your success

    The knowledge and experience that we share is not only field-tested, but also relevant in the context of your business objectives. To ensure this, alongside analyzing your infrastructure, we always thoroughly analyze your goals and business environment before offering any solutions.

  • Professional and reliable

    Years of experience in cloud technology, development and training of other professionals, allows us not only to understand the language of machines, but also to communicate effectively with your development team and motivate them to new a achievements.

We give our best for the success of our partners

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We share our own field experience

Together, we cover a wide range of skills and of experiences that allow us to partake in a project of any complexity. We share our knowledge with you so that you can use it to achieve your business outcomes.

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We are attentive to all our partners and new acquaintances. There are no awkward requests, but there is always room for improvement. We know this for sure. So send us a message. and let`s work together!

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In the third and final installment of our Kubernetes Capacity Management series we summarize what we've learned so far, find out if Kubernetes makes capacity management any better, talk about GCP GKE Autopilot and AWS EKS Fargate and bring everything to a closure.