Hire a programming mentor and learn how to do everything he knows.

Even if you have completed programming courses and got a fancy certificate, it doesn’t mean that you are ready to get a job.

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What is an API?

Which JS framework to choose?

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What is the project to write for educational purposes?

Do I need to pass certification?

What is AWS better than Digital Ocean? 

You need experience! And a portfolio! And contributions to Open-Source! But instead of it you only have thousands of questions but no answers to them…

I wrote
some shit! :'(

You understand that you are not able to write a single line of code for the first real application. It seems that you don’t know anything, advices from the internet don’t help, and courses turned out to be a real waste of time and money?

You need a programming mentor

Mentor is your individual programming tutor, who has already succeeded and now is ready to share his experience.

A real application in a real environment

No interactive in-browser garbage and detached from reality tests. Only intensive practice in a real working environment! You can create your own application for the portfolio or for a personal project

Work 1 on 1 with an experienced mentor

An entirely individual approach! Defining goals and targets together, constant feedback, a thorough code review, an assistance in making your resume and support while you are looking for a job. Also, motivational kicks and heart-to-heart talks :-)

At your pace and with no time frames

No time frames! Ready to study eight hours a day? Go ahead! Haven’t written a single line of code in an entire week? We’ll find a way to shame and motivate you!

Our mentors are professionals with a long-term experience

Mentors, too, were someday complete newbies in programming. But now they are skilled developers with a huge amount of knowledge and a substantial experience trusted by the world’s biggest employers

Alex Babaev

Lead developer, CTO in several Russian mobile development companies. Hundreds of projects, including mobile, enterprise, web projects. Expert in mobile apps architecture and development.

Victor Shepelev

Ruby expert with ten years of experience, open source and open data enthusiast, author of several quite popular gems, mentor for Google Summer of Code. Currently, Victor is proud to work at Verbit.ai.

Aleksey Chernov

Full-time freelance web-developer with 10yrs experience. Modern web-development will be no magic for you anymore. Find out how to become a successful junior web-developer and get your first job or clients.

Kirill Shirinkin

DevOps and Infrastructure Consultant, Cloud Expert, Software Developer, author of two books, mentor and founder of mkdev.me. I architect and build software systems. Living in Germany.

Dmitriy Galkin

Expert in Python, OpenStack and wide range of what is named DevOps. 8+ years of professional IT experience working in a well-known companies. Currently a DevOps Consultant in Germany.

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Mentorship is effective

A mentor will pick the materials you need and show what exactly, in what order and at what pace you should learn to achieve the desired result

Mentorship on mkdev is your confidence that you are doing everything the proper way, learning useful skills and not wasting your time on some useless stuff you are never going to use. More about mentorship >

We know for sure that there are no unattainable goals! Describe the objective you want to achieve, and we will help you to choose the mentor you need and make a plan:

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Graduates recommend our programming mentors

«... Inspiring, attentive, ready to support, but always pushing to “improve oneself”. Victor teaches you to think, not to look for the ready answers (because you may fail to find them) but to find the solution yourself. Responds very quickly. In life, I somehow grew unaccustomed to 'asking and receiving the answer almost right away' ... »

Natalia Maksimenko, 28/05/17

«... The first thing is, of course, the code review, I am absolutely lost for words here. A code that stinks can’t be disguised from Denis, he finds it and points at the place of the smell :) He will give an advice on how to improve something, and, the most important, explain why this option would be more appropriate. The goal setting is also worth mentioning. Denis is good at this, you always get what he wants from you and how to do it. ... »

Nikolay Dovnar, 08/04/17

«... Anton explains clearly the things that are impossible to read in any book or documentation. He makes sure that I understand what every line of code, every word does. Programming have become very clear to me. The magic is gone. I used to copy the code of others and combine pieces of this code pretty well. Now I write everything with my own hands and get the huge pleasure from it. ... »

Petr Khilenko, 08/06/17
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Mentorship is inseparable from self-study

Our mentors put a lot of effort in self-independence of our students, and we support their self-study

For this purpose we have a guide for beginning web-developers, which explains what to start with, what technologies and concepts to study first and which ones are going to be useful later on.

Our subscribers can get this guide completely for free.

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Also, we have plenty of articles devoted to programming in general and certain technologies in particular. We write them for beginners as well as for experienced developers. The vast majority of articles are written by our mentors and based on their personal production experience.

About us

We are a group of developers and enthusiasts, working in different places and living in different cities and countries. For us mkdev is a hobby and a job at the same time.

The authors and the core team of the project are: Kirill Shirinkin – he is responsible for mentors and the maintenance of the project; and Leonid Suschev – he is responsible for students, development and the appearance of the project.

By the way, all parts of the website are written and supported by our students, who have been studying with our mentors and now are taking an internship here. After some experience, they leave for cool jobs, and new students take their place.

The project is constantly expanding, we have plenty of plans, so if you want to help us, feel free to write. We are open to any suggestions! Also, we are constantly looking for talented developers, who are ready to share their experience through mentorship or articles.