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We are here to boost your productivity, reduce cloud costs and complexity, and enhance your standing as a true tech leader. We do it with Cloud Native technologies*, deep Automation and Artificial Intelligence. Let's have a call.
* AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, GitOps, LLM, Containers, CI/CD, ML, Serverless, GenAI, you know the drill.

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We partner with you, not with Big Tech

We do not pursue a status of a partner with the Big Tech, or any technology provider. We don't get paid for recommending you anything, neither we get a fee from increasing your monthly cloud spend. Our only partners are our clients. This is how we partner:

  • Time-tested solutions

    We never play around at your expense. We bring time-tested, verified by us and the industry technologies and solutions, the ones that make sense for you, not the ones that are trending at this second. The systems and setups we design and build are meant to get the job done, not to impress — but it doesn't meant we won't impress you.

  • Tailored to your business

    The knowledge and experience that we share is not only battle-tested, but also relevant in the context of your objectives and your team. We always thoroughly analyze your capabilities, goals and business environment before offering and implementing any solutions.

  • We leave you prepared

    Every project comes to an end. Projects with us end with a detailed hand-over and world-class documentation. We always make sure, that your team is ready to act on their own, long after we are gone.

Our happy customers and their cases

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Decades of experience, delivered in days

When you work with us, you work with the team. The team of professionals from different fields who combine strengths for a shared mission. Your mission.

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Our strength is in our experts

13 experts with a wide range of skills and extensive field experience who can tackle projects of any complexity.

We are not an agency, mind you. When our experts join the project, mkdev joins the project. We always bring our collective experience, knowledge and skills, our engineering preferences and best practices.

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We will contact you within 24 working hours to discuss dates of the workshop and gather information on your attendess for further assessment.

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