Victor Shepelev

Victor shepelev
Ruby expert with ten years of experience, open source and open data enthusiast, author of several quite popular gems, mentor for Google Summer of Code. Currently, Victor is proud to work Toptal core team.
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Price per week: €100.00

Core skills

  • open data
  • sinatra
  • backend
  • opensource
  • code quality
  • rspec
  • ruby


  • Programming Ruby

    Passionate Ruby programmer for more than ten years. Can teach from the very beginning, or help junior/middle programmers in mastering the excellence.

  • Developing Ruby gems

    With a dozen of mature gems, mentions in Ruby Weekly and Ruby Association Grant, I know about the development of libraries. And can teach you the difference between "mere code" and a gem.


Victor 'zverok' Shepelev is Ukrainian programmer and poet with more than fifteen years of programming experience and ten years of Ruby programming. He is a huge fan of open source and open data, author of multiple Ruby gems (made it to Ruby News Weekly several times!) and creator of molybdenum project, known for reality—an early effort of making entire real-world data computable and accessible from Ruby.

His project was selected for Ruby Association Grant-2015.

Currently, Victor is proud to work at Toptal core team, and also mentors programming students. The latter also includes being a mentor for SciRuby (Scientific Ruby Foundation) for Google Summer of Code-2016.

You can read more about Victor and his opinions on various programming topics at