Graphic of a laptop with the Terraform logo on the screen and text that reads "TERRAFORM LIGHTNING COURSE" on an orange background.

Terraform Lightning Course

Rapid introduction into Terraform and Infrastructure as Code. You will learn how to use Terraform to manage multi-cloud environments, starting with most basic concepts and going to complex setups closer to the end.

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Promotional graphic with a laptop showing the OpenShift logo, text "PRODUCTION OPENSHIFT CLUSTER IN 35 MIN or less" against a purple and red background.

OpenShift 4 Cluster Operations 101

Learn the core concepts behind OpenShift 4 cluster management, starting from re-imagined installation experience down to the fundamental features that make this system special.

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Promotional graphic for a 'HELM Lightning Course' featuring a ship's wheel, the word 'AHOY', and a stylized ship illustration on a split blue and white background.

Helm Lightning Course

Quick introduction to Helm in 5 steps. You will go from zero to a fully functioning Helm Chart.

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Illustration of a laptop with the text "mkdev" on its screen, a cup of coffee beside it, and a 'no' symbol overlapping a Docker whale logo, all against a backdrop with multiple icons of a cartoon penguin face.


Re-explore containers from open standards perspective: learn all about Open Container Initiative (OCI) and how to see containers for what they really are.

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Man in a white shirt smiling with a laptop showing 'mkdev' on the screen, a coffee cup, and a pattern of blue Docker logos in the background.

Introduction to Containers (in Spanish)

Aprenderás como las empresas usan los contenedores, Docker, docker-compose, Docker Swarm, Podam, Buildah, firecracker...

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Making a Product

Our web series about making a product. Kirill and Leo recorded the entire development process, from the discussion of the idea to the release.

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