Kirill Shirinkin

DevOps and Infrastructure Consultant, Cloud Expert, Software Developer, author of three books, founder of Based in Munich, Germany.

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Co-Founder, Managing Director

An eternity ago I used to be a backend developer. Then, following the urge to understand all parts of the stack, I switched to the infrastructure world, while staying developer in my mind.

A decade later, after helping companies ranging from medical startups to largest banks to adopt DevOps ways, building scalable platforms and solving endless amount of challenges in a Cloud Native field, I’ve started a new journey with mkdev.

Today, together with mkdev’s team of experts, I am helping our customers to innovate faster with zero compromises.

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Infrastructure as Code

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Archive Technologies Inc.

Building a solid foundation on AWS with serverless Kubernetes and infrastructure as code.


Allianz Direct

How to right-choose a critical tech without the right expertise level.