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Nurturing partnerships to address business needs in the areas of Cloud Native, Infrastructure and Cybersecurity.

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Co-Founder, VP

I have been focused on solving business challenges throughout my entire career, whether it’s entering a new market, inventing a new product, or resolving conflicts. It’s not enough for me to just get the job done; I always dive deep into the ideas and goals of a client or project. It doesn’t matter if it’s my personal project or a client’s project, a huge project or a small task, a web page design or a business expansion challenge. I’m always trying to do more and better so that firms thrive and my skill set expands.

At mkdev I am responsible for marketing strategy and developing customer relationships, ensuring quality services and maximizing the value of working with customers.

I am a very social person and spend most of my life talking, chatting, arguing, laughing and exchanging ideas with other people. So call me to discuss how we can help your business grow.

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