Pablo Inigo Sanchez

Cloud Architect with more than 20 years of experience.

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Co-Founder, Saltimbanqui

I started to work in the IT world in the previous millennium and this is not figurative (and I am not an elf by the way). Working as a developer first and then as a system administrator until—more than 10 years ago—I jumped to the magic Cloud and DevOps world.

I have helped many companies, from Telecommunication companies, Banks, Financial Institutions, Travel companies, Insurance companies, Enterprise Video companies, and many more. And in all of them, I left part of me, because for me the most important part is the result for the customer.

Today, together with mkdev’s team of experts, I am helping our customers to innovate faster with zero compromises.

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Key expertise

Google Cloud Platform

Amazon Web Services



Monolithic to Microservices Architecture

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Allianz Direct

How to right-choose a critical tech without the right expertise level.