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Finding a good IT talent is hard on its own. Evaluating candidates is even harder if you don't have experienced engineers on your team. How many times did you hired or presented the incorrect profile only because you could not scan the talent?

mkdev can supercharge your talent search by conducting technical interviews with the people you found.

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Candidate scanner for agencies

We supercharge your talent search by conducting technical interviews with the people you found. We conduct a thorough assessment of candidates for compliance with both the position and the project needs as well as the business interests of your client.

Our main focus is to support recruitment agencies to properly assess the technical skills of the people you select for your customers. We want to help you to bring the best talent to the companies you work with.

Candidate scanner for companies

Your company might be looking for an external reinforcement - to introduce a yet unknown technology or to consult you on some topic.

Bringing external people normally means you don't have internal resources with the knowledge and skills. Without internal know-how, it can be much harder for you to evaluate if an external person can really solve your issues.

How it works

We will carefully inspect the position you are hiring for and the candidate profile and then schedule an interview. Afterward, we will provide a detailed report about why we think you should or should not hire this person, or send them to your client.

  • We will get acquainted with your company and its structure to clearly understand your business and what kind of people you are looking for to strengthen your developer team.
  • We will analyze the candidates available at your disposal, and let you know with whom it makes sense to conduct an interview.
  • We will conduct a technical interview with each of the selected candidates.
  • Following the interview, we will provide you with a detailed report on each candidate, which will indicate their strengths and weaknesses, and why we believe that you should or should not make an offer to them.
  • Depending on your needs in new talents, we can interview both in the form of a one-time project and in the format of regular interviews.

You are in good hands

We are the IT experts that are capable of providing more services that you would normally expect and offer to your customers. We join forces with dozens of experts of many different technical domains who provide consulting and mentoring for natural persons and companies on mkdev platform.

We know how to educate people and find an approach to students of different personalities and skill levels. This allows us to understand exactly what kind of job candidates are suitable for. That is why our partners trust our expertise and come back to us for advice and support.

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Our experience in training the developers of different levels allows us to perfectly understand what candidates from different areas are capable of. This allows us to reduce and unify the cost of one interview, regardless of the position, which is €200 for one interview. This cost includes the work on the analysis of the structure of your company and preparation of a report on candidates.

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