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mkdev is a mentorship

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What is Mentorship?

The whole page describing what Mentorship is, what it is not and all benefits of this learning approach.


You will study under the full (though remote) control of your mentor. Mentor's job is to define and direct your study program, avoiding all unnecessary things and focusing on important ones. Mentorship is an individual approach to each student, collaborative study goal-setting, constant feedback, proper real-work-like code review, support in organising learning process, finding a job and motivational kicks and friendly 1 on 1 chats.

mkdev is a self-education

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An unstoppable thirst to self-education?

Then start with our free guide to the world
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mkdev is a knowledge library

We have a plenty of articles about programming in general and separate technologies in particular. We write guides and reviews, tips and tricks, sharing our experience; and we keep this database constantly updated since we are confident that the learning is the never-ending process. We write both for newbies and well-being programmers. Most of the articles are based on ours production experience.

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mkdev is our alumni

I was working as a front-end developer for 4 years before I decided to enroll for the Anton’s mentorship. I haven't had enough time for learning Ruby On Rails backend independently. Antot gave me a good “kickstart” and I began understand in all this in a short time. Furthermore all topical information was at hand and I didn’t have to figure out what is good and what is bad by myself. Besides you always can contact to mentor with any matter and get an answer at short notice

Anton Frolovsky, Samara, Github

I'm into RoR for several years now. Due to high workload I have had not so many free time for self-development in RoR and this pushed me to the thought that I might need a sidekick in training. My choice fell on Ruby on Rails for brave juniors. The tasks in this course pleased me, they don't limit you in choosing of a tool for solving the task. The tasks themselves are quite tricky and force you to sit, grasp and delve deeper. It is important that a skilled mentor is alongside with you all this time. I am lucky to have Ivan. He explains difficult parts in an accessible way and prompts to the right solution quite accurately. Besides, he is always ready to share his experience and answer my questions aside from current tasks, for which I remain deeply grateful. I’m glad that my choice fell on both this course and Ivan

Ilya Borovinskiy

mkdev is us

We are the group of developers and enthusiasts, working and living in a different places around the globe. In out of the duty time (and sometimes instead of it) we develop mkdev and develop ourselves along with the project. A few people are working on the project on a permanent basis.

The main crew consists of Kirill Shirinkin, author of the project, mentor and the tech lead; and Leonid Suschev, co-author, designer and marketing officer. Also, various friendly programmers help us with code and materials for articles.

The project is constantly expanding, we have lots of plans, so if you would like to help, then be confident and message to us! We are always looking for talented developers who are able to share his knowledge through mentorship or articles.