Learn programming with a mentor.

Your mentor will teach you everything he or she knows and will help you to achieve your goal. With a mentor you can:

Get the gist of a new technology

Find a job abroad

Make an app and launch it

Prepare for a job interview

Get a promotion

Choose a mentor

Based on your goal, your mentor will provide you with an individualized study plan based on your schedule and prior experience.

Mentorship is the most effective way to learn programming.

Mentorship is different from other learning methods. The amount of knowledge you get from your mentor is limited only by the knowledge and experience of the mentor. With a mentor you are not just learning new technologies, but also how to build a successful career as a developer. More about our mentorship system >

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A real application in a real environment

You won't find abstract in-browser tutorials or purposeless quizzes here. You’ll get lots of practical experience by working in a real development environment! You’ll be able to create your own application for your portfolio or personal project.

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Work one-on-one with an experienced mentor

Our mentoring process uses an entirely individual approach! Start by defining goals and targets together, then improve with constant feedback, thorough code reviews, CV-writing assistance, and support while you look for a job. Also, you'll get motivational kicks and heart-to-heart talks when you need them.

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At your pace and with no time limits

We have no time limits! Are you ready to study for eight hours a day? Go ahead! Haven’t written a single line of code in an entire week? We’ll find a way to stimulate and motivate you!

Choose a mentor

Our mentors are experienced professionals

Our mentors, too, were once completely new to programming, but now they are skilled developers with substantial experience in their fields and are trusted by the world’s biggest employers.

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Aleksey Chernov

Full-time freelance web-developer with 10yrs experience. Modern web-development will be no magic for you anymore. Find out how to become a successful junior web-developer and get your first job or clients.

Kirill Shirinkin

DevOps and Infrastructure Consultant, Cloud Expert, Software Developer, author of two books, mentor and founder of mkdev.me. I architect and build software systems. Living in Germany.

Victor Shepelev

Ruby expert with ten years of experience, open source and open data enthusiast, author of several quite popular gems, mentor for Google Summer of Code. Currently, Victor is proud to work at Verbit.ai.

Alex Babaev

Lead developer, CTO in several Russian mobile development companies. Hundreds of projects, including mobile, enterprise, web projects. Expert in mobile apps architecture and development.

Ivan Takarlikov

Your guide to the programming world and all things IT. Self-developed from a total newbie to the wellbeing developer. I'm ready to help you to accomplish the same mission. It will be difficult but interesting, I promise!

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Our graduates' recommendations

«... Victor is really attentive, ready to support, but always pushing to “improve oneself”. He’s a great and inspiring role model. He teaches you to think things over and not to look for the ready-made answers (because you may fail to find them), but to find the solution yourself. Responds very quickly. In real life it’s pretty unlikely to get the answer almost right after you’ve asked it.' ... »

Natalia Maksimenko, 12/06/18

«... Alexey gave the impression of a very experienced and knowledgeable person. Together with him for 1.5 months, we came from zero to 'a man who can throw code' and execute the project for which mentoring was started. We studied everything from the very beginning and gradually went through all the links of the chain. ... »

Leonid Asalow, 02/06/18

«... Dmitry is customizable. =) The training mode and the method of interaction with it can be easily negotiated and arranged for yourself. He is involved in the student's learning process, the desire to help, share his experience, is open to discussing not only the objectives of the course, but also other issues related to professional activity and demonstrates an invariably responsible and thorough approach to his work - he always answers questions quickly enough, tasks, and he himself initiates offering assistance. ... »

Alexander Kibanow, 10/04/18
More reviews in mentors profiles >

You don’t have to choose between the mentorship and self-study

Our mentors put a lot of effort into developing our students' independence and supporting their self-study.

To support our belief in self-study, we wrote a guide for beginning web-developers. It explains where to start, which technologies and concepts to study first, and which will be useful later on.

Our subscribers get this guide free of charge of charge.

Get a free copy of the book >

We have plenty of articles devoted to programming in general and certain technologies in particular. We write them for beginners as well as for experienced developers. The vast majority of articles are written by our mentors based on their personal experience.

About us

We are a group of developers and technology enthusiasts working and living in cities across the world. For us, mkdev is a hobby that we are fortunate to have grown into a job.

Authors of mkdev are: Kirill Shirinkin, responsible for the product and technology and Leonid Suschev, taking care of design and marketing.

By the way, every part of this website is written and supported by our students with knowledge they learned from our mentors as part of their internships here. After gaining some experience, they leave for cool jobs, and new students take their place.

mkdev is constantly expanding, we have plenty of plans, so if you want to help us, feel free to drop us a line. We are open to all suggestions! Also, we are constantly looking for talented developers who are ready to share their experience through mentorship or write articles for us.

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