Programming courses

All represented courses are assumed to be accompanied with a mentor. To start these courses you must hire a mentor first.

Big Data Engineer

Special course focused on preparing engineers of big data processing solutions and highly reliable big data infrastructures.

React & Rails 5 fullstack development

On learning how to create front-end apps with React/Redux that use Ruby on Rails back-end. Also: deploy to AWS with Ansible.

Frontend developer

Course for beginner developers. The whole bundle of front-end technologies: from project structure to D3.js, Angular 2 and React.js applications

Ruby on Rails for brave juniors

Merciless course focused on solving complex problems and mastering a ton of new technologies. From refactoring to implementing business analytics.

Learning Ruby: The Basics of Programming

Introduction to programming Ruby and a reliable foundation for further professional education and a carrier as a software engineer.

Ruby on Rails for beginners

The course is for beginners to master not only RoR but web development in general. From OOP in Ruby and simple controllers to production applications.

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