Ivan Shamatov

Mentoring the following courses:

Ruby on Rails for beginners

The course is for beginners to master not only RoR but web development in general. From OOP in Ruby and simple controllers to production applications.

Ruby on Rails for brave juniors

Merciless course focused on solving complex problems and mastering a ton of new technologies. From refactoring to implementing business analytics.

Core skills

  • vue.js
  • concurrency
  • trailblazer
  • elasticsearch
  • ci
  • gems
  • chef
  • prototyping
  • jruby
  • mongodb
  • ruby on rails
  • ruby
  • postgres
  • architecture
  • payments
  • git

Briefly about mentor’s experience

Hello, my name is Ivan and I'm full-stack developer since 2010.

I'm experienced developer in using ruby/rails, jruby, OOP, trailblazer, concurrent-ruby, postgresql, mongodb, elasticsearch. Took Stanford programming courses.

I'm working at Hill30 company as lead Rails developer, helping US government structures to provide citizens with lean payment services.

I took part in implementing payment services at previous positions too: banking sector, department of transport in Russia, cell-phone operators, PPS via sms/mobile apps for Saint-Petersburg's subway.

I've also designed, implemented and maintained complete newsstand solution for periodical publishers (both mobile app and backend sides).

I've started giving lectures while studied in university. Gave talks at local rails/linux meetups. I'm also lecturing Rails for beginers course at LevelUp offline.

For more info linkedIn or github


Who is mentor and why do I need him?

Mentor is the one who fully controls and directs your learning process both within the curriculum and beyond. Mentor’s main task is to convey his knowledge in a most structured and understandable way. Sensible advices, assistance in a task solution, motivation kicks and staff. Read more about mentorship Here

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