Stas Mehonoshin

I joined IT 10 years ago, and since that managed to try myself in different positions. Now I have not only development experience, but also can help you to choose a company and pass an interview there. I also worked on multiple startups, so I know typical mistakes of young businessmen. I consider students as potential colleagues, so I want to share my experience that can help up in future team work.
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Price per week: €140.00
Time zone: GMT +3

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Core skills

  • go
  • microservices
  • ansible
  • elixir
  • ruby on rails
  • rails
  • oop
  • ruby
  • docker


  • Web-applications on Ruby on Rails

    I've worked on a dozen of different Rails apps and can learn you how to use Rails effectively, rapidly implement your startups' MVP and see a difference between code and solid product.

  • Programming Ruby

    Ruby world is not limited by Rails. Alternative frameworks, microservices, DSL - you can enrich your own toolkit with them, and I'll help you not to be lost in a variety of technologies.


  • Backend developer at Toptal Core Team.
  • Worked on distributed and microservice applications with Ruby and Go at
  • Implemented a bunch of financial services at
  • Launched own startup -

Before starting developer career, worked as System Administrator, responsible for Unix servers and networking.

Regular speaker at local meetup and ITNonStop conference.

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