Aleksandr Soloviev

For the latest few years, I work with US-based startups through UpWork and help them building responsive and performant apps using React/Redux stack. Also I have more than 2 years mentoring experience.

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I am a top rated freelancer on UpWork with more than 3500 hours tracked and 98% job success. My clients are mainly US-based startups.

Short description of the latest few projects:

  • Built the website for Bitcoin chain explorer platform in ReactJS, added server-side rendering support using NodeJS, integrated an application with a MySQL database using JSON endpoints, added multi language support

  • Built a prototype for a shopping app that supports 3D modeling of the custom clothing designs.

  • Built an enterprise dashboard using React/Redux for Big Data Analysis. The app includes multiple kinds of tables, charts, filters, and even a 3D model. I am currently working on this project

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    Artyom Hrulkov

    Reviews: 0

    I'll reveal all the secrets of React. I'll explain and help with features of library, show you the differences from other frameworks. I'll tell you about my experience with MobX and Redux.

    • css
    • javascript
    • angular.js
    • git
    • react.js
    • redux
    • webpack
    • html
    • babel
    • frontend
    • jquery
    • web-development
    • typescript
    • sass
    • scss
    • react-native
    • mobx
    • knockout

    Obed parlapiano

    Reviews: 0

    Senior JavaScript engineer using React for 3 + years. Having mentored dozens of students for over 2 years to learn and master web development. I'll help you to learn React inside out.

    • javascript
    • git
    • react.js
    • mongodb
    • node.js
    • react-router
    • react
    • node
    • firebase
    • graphql

Core skills

  • redux
  • scss
  • es6
  • css
  • react
  • react.js
  • redux.js


  • Web-applications on React

    Hey! I will put all my efforts to help you learn on practice how to start building real-world apps step-by-step from scratch using React/Redux stack.

This mentor does not have spots, but you can join the queue.

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