Aleksandr Fedotov

For 10 years in the web development, I myself have had a long way to self-study. I want to share this experience with you, help you decide what you really need, and bring you to this goal, no matter what.

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Price per week: €140.00
Time zone: GMT +9

Core skills

  • angular
  • grunt
  • vue.js
  • redux
  • gulp
  • html
  • css
  • react.js
  • rxjs
  • webpack
  • meteor
  • canvas
  • javascript
  • node.js


Education with a mentor

Education begins with setting a goal and drawing up an individual program. Read more about it, how the educational process works >


I started developing game modules for "thank you", but my real professional career began with a job in the New York start-up, on the topic of a near-social network of escort services. And I continued in the field of remote work and freelancing. Having worked in the market of freelance services for five years, I went to Moscow, where I managed to sacrifice my soul to the bloody enterprise, developing a cloud account management system, and to put my hand into the creation of a platform for online learning (LMS), which was then advertised by the Prime Minister of Russia (Yeah, long story).

Now I'm participating in an educational start-up, responsible for the architecture of the front part and for creating visual editors. I devote my free time to developing my own game and mentoring.

More information from my career path can be found on the following links:

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