Vladas Tamošaitis

Skilled software engineer. Most of the experience with european startup, other time is outsourcing. Was a mentor on DjangoGirls events about 5 times. Love cats, programming and the continuous process of learning.
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Core skills

  • frontend
  • backend
  • code organization
  • holacracy
  • agile
  • selenium
  • web-development
  • javascript
  • redis
  • s3
  • microservices
  • aws
  • engineering
  • oauth
  • linux
  • bash
  • postgresql
  • git
  • code quality
  • docker
  • soft skills
  • html
  • scss
  • css
  • angular
  • js
  • react
  • software engineering
  • fullstack
  • django-rest
  • django
  • python


  • Web-applications on Django

    Django is a great and easy to jump in python framework. Let's make its learning an easy thing and dive into the world of unicorns and ponies together :)

  • Web-applications on React

    Discover all the charm and pain of the frontend development world through the studying of React which is full of puzzles and magic. Become a Jedi of React Republic!

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What the paid period includes?

Unlimited messaging in a private chat;

An individual study plan;

Practical tasks and professional code review;

Lifetime access to the mkdev club where you can find help, advice from professionals and job offers.

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  • Industrial programmable logical controllers programmer SE UkrRTC Energosteel, was creating gas cleaning systems for Iron and Steel Works
  • *nix systems administrator in a small company Eurosvyaz
  • First commercial experience of PHP + JS in the AppDragon (outsourcing), also first experience with Python (Tornado framework). Projects: creation of API documentation site https://developer.incontact.com, supporting the backend for Omnitize (Ambivo)
  • Django backend developer in IteraResearch, outstaff in a Dyn.com (bought by Oracle now) team
  • Fullstack developer in DDI Dev, outsourcing
  • E-learning projects in RaccoonGang on the OpenEdX platform basis: developing of the offline proctoring service, preparing pull requests to the platform, implementing and supporting SSO library
  • Software engineer in Labster - startup from Copenhagen, guys create simulations in a virtual lab. Helped to implement licenses and vouchers system, supported and extended for simulations integration with third-party LMSs (Sakai, Moodle, Blackboard, OpenEdX, Google Classroom), developed internal services like TemplateManager
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