Aleksandr Babaev

Core skills

  • ios
  • swift
  • objective-c

Briefly about mentor’s experience

iOS. Serious stuff

Smartphones are small. But they are extremely complex devices to develop for. Server connectivity? Slow animations? Maps and geolocation? Push Notifications?

Alex can teach you what do they mean and how to use all this and build best applications ever.

Alex experience

Lead developer, CTO in several Russian mobile development companies. Hundreds of projects, including mobile, enterprise, web projects. Expert in mobile apps architecture and development. Co-author of the first website for mobile developers in Russia (TouchDev).

Mentoring areas:

  • Common questions about Objective-C and Swift development
  • Configuring the environemnt for the iOS development
  • Using AppCode and Xcode IDEs
  • Building an application interface with and without the Autolayout
  • Creating custom UI components
  • Using different frameworks, for example
    • MapKit (maps) and CoreLocation (geolocation, beacons), third-party map frameworks (Google, MapBox etc.).
    • CoreGraphics, CoreAnimation (custom UI components, complex animations).
    • UIKit (standard UI framework for non-game apps in iOS).
  • Storing data (SQLite, CoreData, Realm)
  • Networking (NSURLSession, Alamofire)
  • «Why this small app development is so hard and complex?» :-)

Some of developed applications:

Some articles about development:


Who is mentor and why do I need him?

Mentor is the one who fully controls and directs your learning process both within the curriculum and beyond. Mentor’s main task is to convey his knowledge in a most structured and understandable way. Sensible advices, assistance in a task solution, motivation kicks and staff. Read more about mentorship Here