Ivan Kleshnin

Core skills

  • Mongodb
  • Rxjs
  • Rethinkdb
  • Nodejs
  • Sql
  • Reactjs
  • Javascript
  • Koajs

Briefly about mentor’s experience

Fullstack programmer, engineer and mentor. He has 10 years of dev. experience in 3 programming languages. Generalist. Values universality and portability of knowledge.

Professional interests: functional programming, reactive programming, software architecture, math.

Ivan has a significant freelance and remote work experience. He is an active open-source contibutor and tech blogger.

Included in Warsaw JS TOP 15 by GitHub Awards rating (http://github-awards.com/users/ivan-kleshnin).

Ivan can teach and consult you about:

  • Programming
  • Web Development
  • Startups

Ivan also can help with employment worldwide and remotely.

Full resume and portfolio:

Articles and non-commercial projects:


Who is mentor and why do I need him?

Mentor is the one who fully controls and directs your learning process both within the curriculum and beyond. Mentor’s main task is to convey his knowledge in a most structured and understandable way. Sensible advices, assistance in a task solution, motivation kicks and staff. Read more about mentorship Here

Articles by this mentor: