Mihail Borodin

Already I use Python a lot of time in my work. So, I can teach you to use this gorgeous language in web-development, parsing data and other spheres. Also, we will solve tasks from real cases from your practice
Time zone: GMT +3

Core skills

  • python
  • django
  • javascript
  • go
  • vue.js
  • architecture
  • web-development
  • aws
  • microservices
  • базы данных


  • Programming in Python

    From syntax and basic constructs to object-oriented programming. We will touch on functional programming, and also study popular libraries for data analysis.

  • Web-applications on Django

    Web application development from databases to layout. We learn to create high-quality and functional websites and web applications without wasting time.

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In now time I'm CTO, managing python developers. Our team is building web-platform for investments advising. In past I developed high-loaded geo information systems, sites, e-shops. Also I have skills in frontends development and SQL

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