Aleksey Chernov

Full-time freelance web-developer with 10yrs experience. Modern web-development will be no magic for you anymore. Find out how to become a successful junior web-developer and get your first job or clients.

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Price per week: $171
Time zone: GMT +3


Being a passionate IT enthusiast, I have successfully developed many web-projects over last 10 years: corporate web-sites, e-commerce, landing pages; media web-sites. I’ve also got experience in developing and releasing mobile apps for iOS, Android and WindowsPhone platforms.

Constantly exploring and learning new technologies.

Currently working on development of a big web-culinary project with thousands daily visitors -

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    Artyom Hrulkov

    Reviews: 0

    There is no way without JS! I’ll help you to build basic knowledge of the language, which will help you understand any framework or library better.

    • css
    • javascript
    • angular.js
    • git
    • react.js
    • redux
    • webpack
    • html
    • babel
    • frontend
    • jquery
    • web-development
    • typescript
    • sass
    • scss
    • react-native
    • mobx
    • knockout

    Obed parlapiano

    Reviews: 0

    Senior JavaScript engineer, having mentored dozens of students for over 2 years to learn and master web development. I'll help you learn how to code, build an app and master the craft.

    • javascript
    • git
    • react.js
    • mongodb
    • node.js
    • react-router
    • react
    • node
    • firebase
    • graphql

Core skills

  • html
  • css
  • vue.js
  • os x
  • gulp
  • webpack
  • linux
  • git
  • nginx
  • javascript
  • apache
  • wordpress
  • bootstrap
  • sass
  • bem
  • photoshop


  • Responsive web-design

    All modern web-sites should look great on any device. We will learn how to use media queries and specific css rules to make any page really responsive.

  • Programming in JavaScript

    Javascript looks simple at first, but then it may appear too complicated with all modern ecosystem around it and different specifications. Let's keep calm and learn it step by step.

This mentor does not have spots, but you can join the queue.

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Unlimited messaging in a private chat;

An individual study plan;

Practical tasks and professional code review;

Lifetime access to the mkdev club where you can find help, advice from professionals and job offers.

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