Dmitriy Vasilets

I am consultant. there should not be people in robots sphere. But robots are young and they need help for conquer the planet. and not let other evil robots conquer our good robots.

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  • Dmitriy Galkin

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    Will teach you one of the core DevOps concepts - automation and configuration management. Puppet, SaltStack, Ansible, Chef; Infrastructure as a Code; Immutable Infrastructure.

    • ruby
    • ansible
    • puppet
    • docker
    • openstack
    • jenkins
    • kubernetes
    • linux
    • python
    • bash
    • foreman
    • vagrant
    • saltstack
    • haproxy
    • nginx
    • libvirt
    • pacemaker
    • mysql
    • galera
    • cloud


  • Configuration Management Systems

    divide and conquer( διαίρει καὶ βασίλευε) - common rule for systems management since Philip's of Macedonia ages. But modern form is "divide and conquer by automatic pipelines"

  • Public Cloud

    Public clouds are very easy - just follow documentation and draw proper colourised picture(collect puzzle of public cloud's bricks) of architecture.

  • Containers in Production

    container is `man 2 unshare`, `man 2 setns`, `man 2 pivot_root`. friends of container is cgroup and selinux. no place for docker and i explain why.

Education with a mentor

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I am a consultant for Big Data, Realtime data processing, cloud systems. These fancy words carry a simple meaning - should work to make robots and solutions are also based on current information.

Helped operate robots in Here (Nokia) companies (information collection, visualization and prediction problems), Fujitsu (container management in a private cloud, information gathering), IngDiBa (introduction of Spark, Hadoop, R in the bank's business).
Media proud title of Red Hat® Certified Architect, Spark Certified Developer and Scrum Master.

Previous hobbies virtualization, ecommerce, voip can see on LinkedIn and githabe.

The creator and maintainer of the project vagrant-libvirt. He has made a contribution to opensource projects Pulp, Apache Spark, ovirt, Kubernetes, ActiveMerchant, Spree, ranger, logstash, TheForeman.

I teach not only to solve the puzzles, but also to sell their services.

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