Dmitriy Vasilets

Mentoring the following courses:

Big Data Engineer

Special course focused on preparing engineers of big data processing solutions and highly reliable big data infrastructures.

Briefly about mentor’s experience

I am a consultant for Big Data, Realtime data processing, cloud systems. These fancy words carry a simple meaning - should work to make robots and solutions are also based on current information.

Helped operate robots in Here (Nokia) companies (information collection, visualization and prediction problems), Fujitsu (container management in a private cloud, information gathering), IngDiBa (introduction of Spark, Hadoop, R in the bank's business).
Media proud title of Red Hat® Certified Engineer and Spark Certified Developer

Previous hobbies virtualization, ecommerce, voip can see on LinkedIn and githabe.

The creator and maintainer of the project vagrant-libvirt. He has made a contribution to opensource projects Pulp, Apache Spark, ovirt, Kubernetes, ActiveMerchant, Spree, ranger, logstash, TheForeman.

I teach not only to solve the puzzles, but also to sell their services.


Who is mentor and why do I need him?

Mentor is the one who fully controls and directs your learning process both within the curriculum and beyond. Mentor’s main task is to convey his knowledge in a most structured and understandable way. Sensible advices, assistance in a task solution, motivation kicks and staff. Read more about mentorship Here

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