Dmitriy Vasilets

this mentor show me spark, hadoop, kubernetes, chef, puppet, docker(i hate docker), ansible(ansible too), linux and bridges I show how to take project, recognise issue and solve it. Veni, vidi, vici
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Price per week: €299.47
Time zone: GMT +1

Core skills

  • chef
  • puppet
  • spark
  • hadoop
  • theforeman
  • redhat satellite
  • freeipa
  • kerberos
  • engineering
  • ml
  • docker


  • Configuration Management Systems

    Best practices of ansible, comparison with puppet and chef, fix gap between them, extend functions and integrate with artificial intelligent.

  • Public Cloud

    Public clouds are very easy - just follow documentation and draw proper colourised picture(collect puzzle of public cloud's bricks) of architecture.

  • Containers in Production

    container is `man 2 unshare`, `man 2 setns`, `man 2 pivot_root`. friends of container is cgroup and selinux. no place for docker and i explain why.


I am a consultant for Big Data, Realtime data processing, cloud systems. These fancy words carry a simple meaning - should work to make robots and solutions are also based on current information.

Helped operate robots in Here (Nokia) companies (information collection, visualization and prediction problems), Fujitsu (container management in a private cloud, information gathering), IngDiBa (introduction of Spark, Hadoop, R in the bank's business).
Media proud title of Red Hat® Certified Architect, Spark Certified Developer and Scrum Master.

Previous hobbies virtualization, ecommerce, voip can see on LinkedIn and githabe.

The creator and maintainer of the project vagrant-libvirt. He has made a contribution to opensource projects Pulp, Apache Spark, ovirt, Kubernetes, ActiveMerchant, Spree, ranger, logstash, TheForeman.

I teach not only to solve the puzzles, but also to sell their services.