Ivan Takarlikov

Your guide to the programming world and all this about-IT topics. Itself from scratch has grown to a serious developer, and is ready to help you accomplish the same thing. It will be difficult and interesting, I promise;

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  • Kirill Zonov

    Reviews: 3

    Worked with plenty of projects, from MVPs to huge web-services with dozens of microservices and distributes DBs. Can help you move forward towards such a beautiful life.

    • ruby
    • aws
    • postgresql
    • javascript
    • ruby on rails
    • docker
    • git
    • mongodb
    • gems
    • rspec
    • backend
    • node.js
    • swift
    • python
    • nginx
    • mysql
    • ml
    • oop
    • web-development
  • Stas Mehonoshin

    Reviews: 6

    I've worked on a dozen of different Rails apps and can learn you how to use Rails effectively, rapidly implement your startups' MVP and see a difference between code and solid product.

    • ruby
    • ansible
    • ruby on rails
    • docker
    • microservices
    • oop
    • interviews
    • leadership

Core skills

  • ruby
  • git
  • node.js
  • postgresql
  • es6
  • react.js
  • ruby on rails


  • Web-applications on Ruby on Rails

    I'll talk about the framework architecture and the features of working with it. Also i show which mistakes can be avoided and techniques to learn.

This mentor does not have spots, but you can join the queue.

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Hello! I'm backend engineer from Saint-Petersburg.

Developed backend site for a major telecom operator.

Supported the mobile application for the TV channel.

Of course, developed the social network)

I wrote a search service for insurance policies, with Rails and Node.js (https://strahovkaru.ru)

Of course there are projects that did not take off (for now, of course) (slothcards.com)

Even opened their web studio (with comrades).

At the moment I'm working for a big American company.

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