Ivan Takarlikov

Ruby / React / Rails / little Elixir / Phoenix developer. I wrote a lot of code, rewrote even more. I worked as an ordinary developer, and technical leader of the project. I like to transfer knowledge to people, and to show that programming is an area in which it is interesting and well paid. I will explain not just how to learn to cod, but also get a job, behave with the boss and unload his head, after a day's work.
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Price per week: €140.00
Time zone: GMT -6

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Core skills

  • postgresql
  • react
  • es6
  • ruby on rails
  • rails
  • ruby
  • node.js
  • git


  • Web-applications on Ruby on Rails

    I'll talk about the framework architecture and the features of working with it. Also i show which mistakes can be avoided and techniques to learn.


Hello! I'm backend engineer from Saint-Petersburg.

Developed backend site for a major telecom operator.

Supported the mobile application for the TV channel.

Of course, developed the social network)

I wrote a search service for insurance policies, with Rails and Node.js (https://strahovkaru.ru)

Of course there are projects that did not take off (for now, of course) (slothcards.com)

Even opened their web studio (with comrades).

At the moment I'm working for a big American company.