Emmanuel Guedia

Gael started his journey with Android about 4 years ago, then fell in love with flutter, which is where He spends most of his spare time exploring better approaches. While working full-time machine learning researcher
Price per week: $350
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I am Gael, Currently a machine learning researcher from a multinational cyber protection company. I started my software engineering journey while studying for my bachelor's degree at Innopolis university in Russia. Back then, I was playing with the Android platform with the hope of gaining some knowledge and starting a career in that field. This self-teaching paid off because I was winning some side gigs working with on small project.
Fortunately, thanks to the mentoring provided by Innopolis university, I later on landed a full-time job in one of the most successful outsourcing company in Kazan for few months.

I had the opportunity to relocate to Singapore and complete a Master's degree in Infocomm Security with a dissertation about using machine learning to detect malicious URLs. During my internship I was working part-time in the R&D department of the above mentioned company as a machine learning researcher. I was fortunate enough to work full-time with them right after I successfully completed my Master's degree.
I also had the chance to work remotely for a U.S-based company as a Flutter developer. We implemented a ticket reservation system with the option of built-in live streaming. I helped in the recruitment process and helped to refactor the 'spaghetti' code base.
I am still maintaining some side projects based on flutter and Android to keep in touch with the best practices and latest tech.
I find my inspiration in my travels, and in nature, even though sport is what keeps my minds sharp. As serious as I can be, I will be throwing jokes from times to time to cool down the atmosphere.

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Core skills

  • flutter
  • machine learning
  • android
  • security
  • ml
  • github
  • искусственный интеллект


  • Machine Learning

    Let me share with you the experience I gained from working with a multinational corporation. We'll go from data gathering to production-ready model deployment.

  • Android Development

    We can start from the fundamentals and progress through the development cycle of production-level android apps using the latest and most popular frameworks and code architecture.

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