Ivan Shamatov

Lead Ruby developer by position, teacher by vocation. I'm building payment and support high stable and fault tolerant services for ages. Experienced developer with a wide range of technologies.
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Hello, my name is Ivan and I'm full-stack developer since 2010.

I'm experienced developer in using ruby/rails, jruby, OOP, trailblazer, concurrent-ruby, postgresql, mongodb, elasticsearch. Took Stanford programming courses.

I'm working at Cryptopay as lead Rails developer — payment platform where merchants and consumers can transact with each other, backed by the new bitcoin payment protocol.

I took part in implementing payment services at previous positions too: banking sector, department of transport in Russia, cell-phone operators, PPS via sms/mobile apps for Saint-Petersburg's subway.

I've also designed, implemented and maintained complete newsstand solution for periodical publishers (both mobile app and backend sides).

I've started giving lectures while studied in university. Gave talks at local rails/linux meetups. I'm also lecturing Rails for beginers course at LevelUp offline.

For more info linkedIn or github

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Core skills

  • postgresql
  • ruby on rails
  • git
  • vue.js
  • ruby
  • jruby
  • concurrency
  • mongodb
  • elasticsearch
  • trailblazer
  • gems
  • ci
  • payments
  • architecture
  • prototyping


  • Programming in Ruby

    Rails? or may be Hanami? or Sinatra? or Padrino? Whatever you like. I can teach you any framework written on Ruby. More than that, maybe you wish to build you own framework? Can do that too

  • Developing Ruby gems

    All opensource community is based on reusable code. You can do that too. If you feel moving your best solutions from one project to another, it's time to build gem for that! And I can help U

  • Web-applications on Ruby on Rails

    Starting from scratch? Rails is so awesome, that you even don't have to know how it works underneath to start developing great projects. Less magic will lead to more knowledge. Lets start!

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