Mariia Bel

Frontend developer with 7 years of experience in a large IT company and a mentor with 4 years of experience in an online academy. I’ll help you go from junior coder to competent frontend web developer.
Time zone: GMT +3


2012 - 2019. 7 years of work at VeeamSoftware. I have gone from a novice coder to a strong frontend web developer. I was engaged in adaptive layout, support for company websites, wrote website blogs from scratch, and created themes for WordPress. Over 3 years worked on the Scrum methodology.

2014 - present. More than 4 years working as a mentor in the online school HtmlAcademy. Mentor for basic and advanced HTML and CSS courses. I help structure students' knowledge, together with students we turn theory into practice, check the code and motivate.

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    Senior JavaScript engineer, having mentored dozens of students for over 2 years to learn and master web development. I've created tens of high performant websites and I'll help build yours.

    • javascript
    • git
    • react.js
    • mongodb
    • node.js
    • react-router
    • react
    • node
    • firebase
    • graphql

    Hou Chia

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    I will teach you responsive design techniques like relative sizing units and media queries. Let's make your app look great on any browser and device using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript!

    • css
    • javascript
    • angular.js
    • ruby on rails
    • react.js
    • redux
    • webpack
    • html
    • node.js
    • es6
    • typescript

Core skills

  • jade
  • html
  • css
  • sass
  • js
  • gulp
  • git
  • npm
  • agile
  • scrum
  • bem


  • Responsive web-design

    My yr-8 of experience in IT will help you become a sought-after developer. You will know how to create responsive sites, a library of components, correctly use techniques and methodologies.