Aleksandr Soloviev

For the latest few years, I work with US-based startups through UpWork and help them building responsive and performant apps using React/Redux stack. Also I have more than 2 years mentoring experience.
Time zone: GMT +3


5+ years of experience with React/Node

Latest Project description I developed the UI part of the network monitoring tool project from scratch plus a few backend services: + canvas based heatmap visualization from scratch (0 dependency code) + React based dashboard with drag and drop based on react-grid-layout + 3D visualization of topology powered with three.js + Line charts with Highcharts.js + Node.js authentication service based on Express/Passport + Screenshot service based on Puppeteer + Test coverage using Jest/Puppeteer

The project was successful and the UI team extended from 1 to 5 JS developers over the last 4 years going through a few stages of funding.

Previous Experience

Before the latest project I worked in a few other startups as JS developer.

Core skills

  • redux
  • scss
  • es6
  • css
  • react
  • react.js
  • redux.js