Al Geas

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For 14 years in web development, I myself have gone a long way of self-study. Together we will learn all the necessary knowledge, modern tools, as well as learn how to pass interviews.
Time zone: GMT +2


My real professional career began when I joined the start-up that was focused on a near-social network of escort services in New York. Then I continued in a field of remote jobs and freelancing. Having worked in the freelance markets for five years I moved to Moscow where I have sacrificed heart and soul for blood-thirsty corporates developing a cloud account management system, and had a hand in creating of a learning management system, which later had been promoted by the Prime minister of Russia. Yeah, long story.

As for now I participate in an educational start-up. Creating visual editors and the architecture of the front end are among my responsibilies. I devote my free time to developing my own video game and mentoring.

Core skills

  • javascript
  • css
  • html
  • rxjs
  • webpack
  • node.js
  • mobx
  • typescript
  • react
  • redux
  • draftjs
  • graphql


  • Web-applications on React

    Development of complex web-applications (including SPA and PWA) on ReactJS with Redux/MobX/GraphQL and others helpfull tools like Storybook/CSS Modules etc

  • Programming in JavaScript

    I'll teach you how not to be afraid of JS and understand the specifications without blowing your brain. The distillation of the knowledge with a pinch of patterns and a droplet of algorithms

  • Single-page Applications development

    We will touch reactivity and isomorphism, discuss the subtleties of data management. In a word, we'll go through everything from project assembly to concrete libraries (Vue, Angular, React)

  • Web-applications on Meteor

    Client-server development on Meteor, its connection with modern frameworks. I will help with legacy code and teach you how to get rid of it if necessary.

  • Web-applications on Node.js

    We will study the use of Node.js for backend needs, will examine Server Side Rendering, and figure different approaches and usage of Node.js as an everyday tool.



Before starting a subscription, Sasha and I phoned for a preliminary acquaintance, discussion of goals. During the hour of conversation, he answered many questions, gave instructions, shared tips. Many questions, the answers to which I have been searching for for a long time, have disappeared. And this despite the fact that the paid subscription has not even begun. I think that it speaks loudly enough about him as a mentor. I myself have been working as a developer for about a year and, in addition to training, Sasha helps to solve difficult issues on work projects. In general, strongly recommend.

Перед тем как начать подписку, мы с Сашей созвонились для предварительного знакомства, обсуждения целей. За час разговора, он ответил на многие вопросы, дал наставления, поделился советами. Многие вопросы, ответы на которые я искал уже достаточно долго время, отпали. И это при том, что платная подписка ещё даже не началась. Я считаю, что это уже достаточно громко говорит о нём, как о наставнике. Сам работаю разрабом уже около года и помимо обучения, Саша помогает разрулить сложные моменты на рабочих проектах. В общем и целом, категорически рекомендую.

translation missing: - Original Text Andrey Ushakov, 15/10/18

I studied with Sasha for 1 month. The main focus was on React. In the process of learning, Sasha explained a lot and well the material and tasks that he did not always understand from the first time)) He shared experience and knowledge as a good experienced colleague. Iron endurance and desire to teach the student manifested in all the details. I really liked the communication and our format of work, especially the chips with voice recordings). Education had to be interrupted due to personal, family circumstances and did not finish the training project, which I regret very much. If there is an opportunity, I will definitely continue studying with a tutor!

Обучался с Сашей 1 месяц. Основной упор был сделан на Реакт. В процессе обучения Саша очень много и хорошо объяснял материал и задачи, которые не всегда понимал с первого раза)) Делился опытом и знаниями как хороший опытный коллега. Железная выдержка и желание научить ученика проявлялись во всех мелочах. Очень понравилось общение и наш формат работы, особенно фишки с записями голосом). Обучение пришлось прервать по личным, семейным обстоятельствам и не доделал учебный проект, о чём очень жалею. Если будет возможность, обязательно продолжу обучение с наставником!

translation missing: - Original Text Anatoliy Vershinin, 01/03/18

I have been doing the 3rd month with Sasha. I listened to what I want. Built the program from the very basics. I began to understand much more things, compared to what was in the beginning. Although it is not always easy and breaks the brain, Sasha always pulls me to answer, gradually. Able to explain many times the same thing in different variations, so that the information reached. I will continue to continue to engage in and advise everyone to him.

С Сашей занимаюсь 3й месяц. Прислушался к тому, чего я хочу. Построил программу с самых основ. Я стал понимать гораздо больше вещей, по сравнению с тем, что было в начале. Хоть это и не всегда просто и ломает мозг, Саша всегда тянет к тому, чтобы я сам пришел к ответу, постепенно. Умеет много раз объяснить одно и то же в разных вариациях, чтобы информация дошла. Буду дальше продолжать заниматься и всем советую именно его.

translation missing: - Original Text Pavel Zagvozdin, 13/01/18