Al Geas

For 14 years in web development, I myself have gone a long way of self-study. Together we will learn all the necessary knowledge, modern tools, as well as learn how to pass interviews.
Time zone: GMT +2


My real professional career began when I joined the start-up that was focused on a near-social network of escort services in New York. Then I continued in a field of remote jobs and freelancing. Having worked in the freelance markets for five years I moved to Moscow where I have sacrificed heart and soul for blood-thirsty corporates developing a cloud account management system, and had a hand in creating of a learning management system, which later had been promoted by the Prime minister of Russia. Yeah, long story.

As for now I participate in an educational start-up. Creating visual editors and the architecture of the front end are among my responsibilies. I devote my free time to developing my own video game and mentoring.

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    Senior JavaScript engineer, having mentored dozens of students for over 2 years to learn and master web development. I'll help you learn how to code, build an app and master the craft.

    • javascript
    • git
    • react.js
    • mongodb
    • node.js
    • react-router
    • react
    • node
    • firebase
    • graphql

    Vladas Tamošaitis

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    Discover all the charm and pain of the frontend development world through the studying of React which is full of puzzles and magic. Become a Jedi of React Republic!

    • css
    • aws
    • postgresql
    • javascript
    • docker
    • linux
    • git
    • html
    • code quality
    • backend
    • python
    • bash
    • angular
    • redis
    • engineering
    • microservices
    • frontend
    • django
    • web-development
    • oauth

Core skills

  • javascript
  • css
  • html
  • rxjs
  • webpack
  • node.js
  • mobx
  • typescript
  • react
  • redux
  • draftjs
  • graphql


  • Web-applications on React

    Development of complex web-applications (including SPA and PWA) on ReactJS with Redux/MobX/GraphQL and others helpfull tools like Storybook/CSS Modules etc

  • Programming in JavaScript

    I'll teach you how not to be afraid of JS and understand the specifications without blowing your brain. The distillation of the knowledge with a pinch of patterns and a droplet of algorithms

  • Single-page Applications development

    We will touch reactivity and isomorphism, discuss the subtleties of data management. In a word, we'll go through everything from project assembly to concrete libraries (Vue, Angular, React)

  • Web-applications on Meteor

    Client-server development on Meteor, its connection with modern frameworks. I will help with legacy code and teach you how to get rid of it if necessary.

  • Web-applications on Node.js

    We will study the use of Node.js for backend needs, will examine Server Side Rendering, and figure different approaches and usage of Node.js as an everyday tool.