Vladimir Gukasyan

I'm a Javascript developer with 6 years of experience, most part of my projects are single page applications, I create utilities for open source, I have my own data analytical project, currently work for AthliOS

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2020 (February) - till now work at Codemotion. Technology Stack Typescript/Vue.js/Vuex/Nestjs/Typeorm/Postgresql, Typescript/Angular/Blockchain/Nestjs/Typeorm/Postgresql/Web3js

2017 (October) - 2020 (February) worked at AthliOS, we are creating and supporting software for sport equipment and sport clubs. Technology Stack C++/NW.js/React.js.

2016(January) - 2017 (November) worked at Scopic Software, we was outsourcing projects for our clients. Technology Stack Nodejs/Posgress/MySql/MongoDB/Angular.js/Angular 2/React.js/Three.js.

2015(June) - 2015(December) worked at WorkFront, we was working on product management app like Trello/Jira that allows manage all kind of projects without focus on IT projects. Technology Stack Java/Spring/Angular.js/Mootools/Backbone.

2013(December) - 2015(January) worked at Backendless, we was creating Backeless BAAS(Backend as a Service) system. I worked on web console for that system. Technology Stack Java/Play/MySql/Backbone.js/Require.js.

2012(June) - 2013(December) worked at SkyLab, we was creating web/mobile app for taxi services that allows track their taxi activities, create orders and do analytics. Technology Stack Nodejs/Express/MongoDB/Socket.io/Backbone.js/Require.js.

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Core skills

  • javascript
  • react.js
  • react-router
  • redux.js
  • node.js
  • webpack
  • gulp
  • git
  • jquery
  • тесты
  • oauth
  • mongodb
  • babel
  • angular2
  • angular.js
  • typescript
  • frontend
  • sass
  • less
  • css
  • css animations
  • css transition
  • html
  • expess
  • vue
  • vuex


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