Anastasiya Dyachenko

I work as a software engineer for 8 years. For the last 4 years I use Elixir/Phoenix.I have studied Elixir myself and achieved a mastery in it, and I am ready to help you achieve the same faster and easier :)
Time zone: GMT +3



I work as a backend developer for 8 years. I came to IT in a natural way - through studying at the university 😺
I went from PHP and Bitrix web development at a web studio to Elixir development at a product company.

I worked with different stacks and in different contexts:

  • PHP/Bitrix and outsourced website development
  • PHP/Laravel and EdTech website development in product company
  • PHP/Phalcon and billing for AdTech / DSP
  • Elixir/Phoenix and a mobile app server
  • Elixir/Phoenix and a platform Development Using EventSourcing
  • Elixir/Phoenix and developing a server for the support chat as a solo developer

But the biggest change in my experience was the transition from imperative programming to functional programming.

Each stack and context change helped me struct my knowledge and develop common patterns and approaches that can be applied in any situation.

I have been involved in the design and development of many commercial projects, also as a solo backend developer, so I had a chance to gain experience at every stage that an application goes from idea to release and maintenance.

I actively participate in the life of the Elixir developer community: I give talks at local meetups Ru |> Elixir |> Meetup , Elixir-lang Moscow and maintain a blog .

Core skills

  • elixir
  • phoenix
  • postgresql
  • docker
  • bash
  • opensource
  • code review
  • testing
  • backend
  • базы данных
  • git
  • sql
  • uml
  • ci
  • cd
  • публичные выступления
  • soft skills
  • rest api
  • graphql
  • protobuf