Artyom Hrulkov

Portrait of a smiling young man with light brown hair wearing a blue and white checked shirt. The background is a neutral gray color.
Developer with wide range of experience and a broad view of life. Managed to try out different technologies and programming languages, but in the end choose a frontend development. Ready to help you reach your goals.


As a developer I began my career in web-studio's technical support team — maintained and modified existing sites (from jQuery to Angular.JS). During my career I managed to develop a couple of weird sites, worked with the backend (C ++ and Python), participated in several hackathons and created several systems for Scandinavia. In my student years I understood the main purpose of teaching because I was developing programming courses for students and pupils.

  • Frontend developer in Fastdev AB (React, TypeScript, MobX and so on).
  • Supported a huge legacy C++ project.
  • Developed and supported React-Native mobile apps.
  • Used different kinds of libraries and frameworks — jQuery, Knockout, Angular.JS, React, React-Native.
  • Created admin panels for tender platform, corporate site, visitor registration.

Core skills

  • javascript
  • html
  • scss
  • css
  • webpack
  • react.js
  • react-native
  • frontend
  • git
  • babel
  • typescript
  • mobx
  • web-development
  • angular.js
  • redux
  • sass
  • jquery
  • knockout


  • Programming in JavaScript

    There is no way without JS! I’ll help you to build basic knowledge of the language, which will help you understand any framework or library better.

  • Web-applications on React

    I'll reveal all the secrets of React. I'll explain and help with features of library, show you the differences from other frameworks. I'll tell you about my experience with MobX and Redux.

  • Single-page Applications development

    I'll tell you about the components, routing, API requests and other wonderful things which are necessary for the SPA development. Will take a look at the various approaches of JS frameworks.