Vladimir Baskakov

Python expert with 9 years of industrial development experience. I learned everything myself, I remember how it is and I know how to tell. Now I'm a team leader in Cherryhome I live in PST
Time zone: GMT -7


As a Software Engineer

Nine years of continuous experience in developing successful products at Rosatom, Mail.Ru, Yandex. I have experience with high-load services, big data, distributed networks, microservices, distributed computing, cloud services. I know how to code a large successful project in C ++ / Java / Python

As TeamLeader

Tree years of organizing the development process in a remote team. I have learned how to facilitate meetings and organize work softly, putting the opinion of the team at the forefront. Software development practices have been introduced: CI / CD, Unit / Module / Integration Tests, Code review, a process for planning and performing tasks using the Scrum methodology has been established. Retrospectives that work: the team sees pain, proposes, and makes decisions to improve processes.

Core skills

  • aws
  • python
  • cloud
  • architecture
  • algorithms
  • rest api
  • mongodb
  • agile
  • scrum
  • concurrency
  • рефакторинг
  • ubuntu
  • microservices
  • code organization
  • docker
  • coroutines
  • backend
  • best practices


  • Programming in Python

    I use python in day to a day job for 4 years and I can help with solving particular issues, discuss the pros and cons of this language, choose right libraries according to your needs