Vladimir Baskakov

A man in a blue shirt sitting on a bench with arms crossed, smiling slightly at the camera, with soft-focus stairs in the background.
Python expert with 9 years of industrial development experience. I learned everything myself, I remember how it is and I know how to tell. Now I'm a team leader in Cherryhome I live in PST


As a Software Engineer

Nine years of continuous experience in developing successful products at Rosatom, Mail.Ru, Yandex. I have experience with high-load services, big data, distributed networks, microservices, distributed computing, cloud services. I know how to code a large successful project in C ++ / Java / Python

As TeamLeader

Tree years of organizing the development process in a remote team. I have learned how to facilitate meetings and organize work softly, putting the opinion of the team at the forefront. Software development practices have been introduced: CI / CD, Unit / Module / Integration Tests, Code review, a process for planning and performing tasks using the Scrum methodology has been established. Retrospectives that work: the team sees pain, proposes, and makes decisions to improve processes.

Core skills

  • aws
  • python
  • cloud
  • architecture
  • algorithms
  • rest api
  • mongodb
  • agile
  • scrum
  • concurrency
  • рефакторинг
  • ubuntu
  • microservices
  • code organization
  • docker
  • coroutines
  • backend
  • best practices


  • Programming in Python

    I use python in day to a day job for 4 years and I can help with solving particular issues, discuss the pros and cons of this language, choose right libraries according to your needs



Владимир помог мне разобраться со всеми интересуюшими вопросами по Питону и сопутствуюшим технологиям. Он все понятно обьяснял, всегда показывал хорошие примеры и мог ответить на любой вопрос на уровне эксперта. Я с удовольствием возьму его ментором еше раз.

Zhenya, 04/05/21